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As Android 13 Go Edition Debuts, Google Announces 250 Million Users

Android Go is now used on over 250 million devices each month, and Google is now announcing Android 13 Go Edition.


A quick reminder of how the years have flown by is the fact that Go is now over five years old. Since then, the lighter and more streamlined version of normal Android has become very popular. In fact, is confirming this week that Android Go now has over 250 million monthly active devices. ‘

Moreover, the company has announced the latest version of Android Go, known as (Go Edition).

If you're unfamiliar with Android Go, it is for devices with lower memory capacity and lower mobile data abilities. While it is available for anyone, in theory, the platform has become popular in emerging markets like India where modestly spec'd smartphones are common.

Google says Android 13 Go Edition takes the benefits of Android 13 to bring more “reliability, usability, and customization” to the Go platform.

One core new feature is Google Play System Updates, which allow devices to quickly receive software updates more frequently:

“The result is a phone that stays up to date over time — and you don't have to wait for the next release or a software push from your phone's manufacturer to have the latest and greatest,” Google says.


The new Material You interface is also coming to Go. This was first brought to Android proper through the release of Android 12 but has been absent from Android Go. Material You adds more customization, allowing users to control the color theme across their device and match wallpaper to the color.

Another standard Android feature coming to Go Edition is the Google Discover feed. Here you can see personalized content when wiping right on the home screen.

Android 13 (Go Edition) even has the Google Discover feed, which will show users personalized articles and content by swiping right from the home screen.

While Google is announcing Android 13 Go Edition this week, the company says devices running the platform will arrive in 2023.

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