Windows-11-File-Explorer-Showing-Tabs-and-New Left-Navigation

When Windows 11 made its wide release debut last month, it landed without a bunch of expected features. For example, sharing abilities, File Explorer tabs, and Suggested Actions. Microsoft’s new method of rolling out features when they are ready means the missing abilities are now making their way to Windows 11.

Has it was announced earlier this year, Windows 11 will roll out new features throughout the year with one major update for the platform once per year. This means users will get features more frequently when they finish their preview. These regular updates are known as Windows 11 Moments.

The following features are available in this latest Windows 11 update:

  • Tabbed File Explorer
  • Suggested Actions
  • Taskbar Overflow and easy access to Task Manager
  • Share to more devices
  • New Photos app


File Explorer tabs is perhaps the highlight of this update. Tabs in the File Explorer will work in a very similar way to tabs on a website browser. Windows 11 users will be able to open multiple file tabs at once and switch between folders and files more seamlessly without needing to close documents.

Furthermore, File Explorer has a new Favorites section and a suggestion section for recommending files to share.


Windows 11 is now also getting Suggested Actions. Here, Windows will anticipate your next step and suggest what actions you can take. Elsewhere, Windows Share got improvements allowing it to share files to devices via File Explorer, desktop, Photos, Xbox, and more.

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