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Minecraft Live 2022: Version 1.20 Details and Dungeons Season 3

At Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang Studios has discussed changes in Minecraft 1.20 as well as Minecraft Dungeons Season 3.


Live 2022 has seen plenty of big announcements from Mojang, including the introduction of Minecraft 1.20 and Minecraft Dungeons Season 3. As there is a lot to get through, let's jump straight into the announcements and what is coming to the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.20

-owned Mojang says that Minecraft 1.20 will come to users in 2023. If you are unfamiliar with this update, it is the version that will reach all normal Minecraft players. The developer says the release will focus on more creativity and player expression. Specifically, Mojang wants to give players even more freedom to play how they want.

Here is the complete list of announcements for Minecraft 1.20 (via Windows Central):

  • Seven new default characters. Minecraft's Steve and Alex default characters will be joined by new default skins for the first time in a decade:.
    • The seven new characters are Makene, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri
    • The characters reflect diversity with different skin tones and prosthetics
    • All the characters will debut on Minecraft in late Nov. or early Dec., 2022 in a separate update
  • Camels. With version 1.20, camels are coming to Minecraft as a mountable desert-dewller:
    • Camels have a “dashing” ability instead of a high jump
    • Two player saddles are supported on camels, the first mount to do this.
    • Unique animations, including lying down.
    • Passive mobs in desert settings. The height of camels makes players unreachable to hostile mobs.
    • Camels can be bred using cactus
  • Chiseled bookshelves. A new type of bookshelf:
    • Chiseled bookshelves store up to six books
    • No UI menu, simply add and remove books dynamically.
    • Redstone can trigger secret bookshelf passageways.
    • Regular bookshelves are still available.
  • Bamboo building blocks. Perhaps the biggest inclusion in Minecraft 1.20 a new building block for bamboo:
    • Craft planks, doors, stairs, trapdoors, fences, and more.
    • A unique bamboo mosaic block

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has come a long way and in just two years. The action-RPG spin-off of Minecraft is soon to enter its Season 3. At Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang discusses all the features and content coming to Minecraft Dungeons Season 3, which is known as Fauna Faire:

  • “Theme: Pets & Mobs: The fall might be upon us, but Fauna Faire brings an animal-focused late summer to the camp. This means there will be an abundance of furr-tastic skins, pets, and other mob-themed cosmetic items to add to your closet. Whether you want to embrace your inner chicken or show off your mighty paw-er, there's something for everyone. And just as with previous seasonal adventures, Fauna Faire will offer two reward tracks – one free and one Adventure Pass track.
  • Tower Multiplayer: The Tower is expanding – both when it comes to the variety of floors you can encounter, and the number of players in a run! Fauna Faire's new Tower multiplayer mode supports four players and puts a bigger focus on team collaboration in order to overcome threats as you ascend to the top.
  • Enter the Enchantsmith: The rumors of a new merchant villager lurking somewhere in the outskirts of the camp were true! The Enchantsmith has arrived just in time for faire and has set up shop eight o'clock from the Adventure Hub (that's southwest for all you non-clock navigators). Utilize their craftmanship to re-roll properties on your favorite pieces of gear!
  • Treetop Tangle: Located somewhere deep within the lush forests of the Jungle Island, Treetop Tangle is a new free level to explore together with like-minded adventurers. Players who come here will have to prepare themselves for a long climb up a giant tree if they want to discover its secrets. The journey will surely be challenging, but possibly also rewarding as the mission is said to contain some previously undiscovered pieces of gear.”

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