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How to Fix Blurry Pictures in Windows


This article was contributed by Abdullah Bin Habib, who is working as an editor for the engineering department of Deskon Limited and part-time editor for Visionary Merger.

The blurriness of photos is a problem that haunts photographers, no matter if they are amateurs or professionals. It can turn the picture you thought was your best shot into worthless data. So, anyone with a passion for photography is always on the lookout for the best answer to how to fix blurry pictures.

What you need is a photo repair tool to repair photo that is fast, safe, secure, and capable enough to save even the most damaged photos. There is now a reliable picture repair tool in the market, Wondershare Repairit – Photo Repair. This tool is the answer you were looking for.

Part 1: The Blurriness of Photos: Why It Occurs and How to Prevent it

You can be an amateur photographer or a professional one; the blurry photos will always be there to torment you. The problem is that there is no one reason or scenario for it. The main culprits when it comes to the blurriness of photos are camera shake and low shutter speed.

To reduce the camera shake, try using a tripod or monopod where possible, and in case of handholding the camera, use a stable posture and auto-stabilization.

Keep your camera’s shutter speed to reciprocate the focal length of your camera lens. The ratio you should follow is 1/60s shutter speed for a 60mm camera lens, 1/200s for 200mm, and likewise.

Ensure that your camera’s aperture isn’t too wide and the autofocus mode is always on unless some situation requires you to use manual focus. When using autofocus, always use the correct mode, like Still Autofocus mode for unmoving objects and Continuous Autofocus for moving objects. Your camera lens should also be clean and have no scratches on it. Low-quality camera lenses and cheap plastic filters can also result in blurred photos.

Part 2: Why Should You Choose Repairit – Photo Repair to Fix Blurred Photos

We have discussed different scenarios in which photos can get blurred and given you tips to avoid it. But it would be challenging for you to avoid it all the time. So, what you need is a trusted and tested tool that can solve the blurriness of images for you in case it happens. Repairit – Photo Repair is a robust and fast tool when it comes to repairing damaged images. It can repair blurred images, pictures with grey areas, pixilated photos, and even the most damaged photos.

Over 17 types of photo formats and almost all digital photography and storage device are supported by it. You can preview the fixed photos before saving them and even use the Advanced Repair mode if the normal repair process doesn’t work. The repairing process that is easy to navigate and apply is explained below for your ease:

Step 1: Import Your Blurred Photos

Start the Repairit app and upload all of your blurred photos by clicking the “Add” button on the “Photo Repair” tab. You don’t need to worry if the formats of your blurred photos are different, as the program can batch-repair pictures even if the formats differ.

Step 2: Initiate the Repairing Process of Blurred Photos

Your imported photos will be displayed on your screen with extra details like size, resolution, etc. It will also extract thumbnails for you where possible. Now start the fixing process by tapping “Repair” at the bottom.

Step 3: Using Advanced Repair Mode

If there are photos that failed to get repaired, initiate the Advanced Repair process by adding a sample file. The sample file should be of the same format and taken by the same device as the photo you are trying to repair. Once the sample file is uploaded, tap “Repair” to begin the process.

Step 4: Confirm and Save Your Repaired Files

There is an option for you to preview your newly repaired files. Selecting it lets you check if the photos are properly fixed and no longer blurred. When pressing “Save,” it will ask you to provide a location to save files. You have to choose a different location than where old damaged files were located. Next, save the files into your desired location and enjoy.

Part 3: Helpful Benefits and Powerful Features of Wondershare Repairit

Aside from providing you with the option of photo repair, the Repairit app can also perform many other features. The features that make Repairit an all-in-one repairing toolbox are summarized below:

  1. Apart from Windows OS, Repairit is also available for Mac users. If you have a Macbook or iMac, Repairit can also fix your blurred photos there.
  2. If you are not using Windows or Mac and want to repair photos, you can use Repairit – Online Photo Repair to fix your blurry images. It is a great online tool when you are using a smartphone or Linux device.
  3. Repairit also supports repairing videos, audio, files, and even Outlook files. It makes the Repairit a must-have tool in your arsenal so that whenever a file in your system gets damaged, you can repair it immediately.
  4. Given its features, it has a very low cost, making it highly desirable. Plus, when it comes to repairing damaged files of any kind, there is no limitation on size, amount, or no. of times you can repair files.

Last Thoughts

It is very much clear that you cannot avoid the blurriness of your pictures all the time. There are many situations where it is not even in your control to do anything about it. What you need is a tool that can help you recover your blurred images without damaging their quality and integrity. Repairit – Photo Repair is a tool that fulfills all your required benchmarks and can save you from many hassles in photography.

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