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Package Tracking: A Website That Has All Parcels Information


This article was contributed by Mike Roland who works at Eden Technologies as senior Consultant, E-commerce enthusiast, dropshipping and retail specialist. Mike founded several ecommerce brands. Mike also works as a digital ads consultant and as a PPC specialist.

Whether you are a business owner who is sending a package, or an individual who is ordering a package, there is almost always the problem of missing and lost packages. This is not only bad for business owners but also very overwhelming for individuals.

Fortunately, there is a website that has the perfect tracking solution. Ordertracker helps you follow your online purchased items with a complete package tracking solution that covers all couriers, from China post tracking to USPS tracking but provides much more information than the carriers themselves.

Track Your Parcel Worldwide

Tracking your parcel is the easiest way to find out the status and location of your package. With Order Tracker, you can be the first to see the location of your parcel. You will be provided with all tracking information on your parcel, in addition to getting a guarantee that your parcel reaches its destination safely.

The convenience of this website enables you to track your parcel in real-time and get notified when it's delivered, shipped, or delayed. A website like this can enable:

Track Package

The track package function allows you to view information about a specific package or multiple packages (i.e., all your orders).

Track Order

View information about an entire order including shipping address, product details, and payment method used to complete it.

Track Shipment Status

Check if the shipment has already been shipped or not; also see when it was dispatched from the warehouse located.

The central idea is that when you track a parcel, you can view its route and other details in real time. This means that the status of your package will be updated every time there is a change in its location or status. You can also track multiple packages at once, which makes it easy for you to keep tabs on all your orders as a business owner.

Its user interface is designed to give its client a satisfactory and intuitive experience. By simply pasting your tracking number(s) in the search box, and clicking “Enter”, you will receive all the data you require related to your parcel.

Benefits Of Tracking Your Parcel on A Tracking Website

Parcel tracking is an excellent idea. It is a way of saving yourself from many unwanted troubles and it is also a secure method. Below are some reasons why you ought to track your parcel with a tracking website:

Saves time

Tracking your parcel on a tracking website is a great way to save time. You can track your parcel from any location and get notified when it has arrived at its destination, or when it is out for delivery. This will allow you to keep records of all the parcels that were sent, so you don't have to keep track of them individually.

Easily convenient

You can track your parcel from anywhere in the world. All you require for this is a computer and an internet connection, and you are good to go. Furthermore, the website's API (Application Programming Interface) allows integration with third-party online shopping platforms, so that users can locate their packages regardless of the shopping platform they used.

Keep records

The website allows you to get notified when your parcel has arrived at the destination and when it is out for delivery. It will give a detailed report of where your shipment is, and who is handling it. This makes it easier for you to keep a record of your parcels' progress through different points in their journey before it reaches their final destinations.


The goal of a parcel tracking website is to ensure that you know where your package is at all times. With a free tracking service, you are provided with a solution that is simple and effective, with easy-to-use features and simple navigations, making it easy for anyone to track their shipments in just minutes.

About the author

Mike Roland works at Eden Technologies as a senior Consultant, E-commerce enthusiast, dropshipping and retail specialist. Mike founded several e-commerce brands. Mike also works as a digital ads consultant and as a PPC specialist.

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