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Ignite 2022: Microsoft Places Debuts to Help Transform Workplaces

Microsoft Places is a new service that organises and optimizes the work place so more people are connected in a single space.


If there is one message wants to get across at Ignite 2022 more than any other it is that is here to stay, but organisations remain paranoid about productivity in the hybrid environment. That is why the company is introducing tools to help ease concerns, such as the new Microsoft Places that aims to address the challenges of hybrid work.

Whether it is in the office or working from home, Microsoft says people value collaboration and connection. With Microsoft Places, the company is adding a new workplace category that organises who in a team/organisation is doing what and when they are doing it.

More than just a calendaring or scheduling tool, Microsoft Places uses intelligent technology to coordinate where work takes place and to maximise in-person connections. It also seeks to help prioritize time by optimising where people work:

“Microsoft Places helps everyone understand who will be in the office when; where people are sitting; what meetings to attend in person; and how to book space on the days your team is already planning to come in. It also helps leaders understand how people are using the office, and ultimately optimize their real estate investments. And third-party partners can build and integrate new and existing solutions on top of Places.”

Ignite 2022 Announcements

In a busy day at Ignite, Microsoft has offered a slew of changes for and . The company has debuted a new M365 app to put focus on easy collaboration in the hybrid workplace. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams has received a host of updates including Excel Live, Teams Premium, Teams Loop improvements, and more.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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