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YouTube Debuts “Handles” to Make It Easier to Identify Channels

YouTube says handles will give channels unique URL identifiers that will allow them to stand out and users to locate channels more easily.


is launching a new account feature that will help users and content creates locate channels more efficiently. By simply adding handles to the platform, the video giant says users will find more engagement on the site.

Handles work as they would traditionally on any other site. They are basically identifiers that highlight a creator and their channel name via URL. You may be thinking that the channel name itself already serves this purpose. Partly, yes, but handles are different because they are unique to each creator.

In a blog post, YouTube explains why it has decided to introduce the feature and what benefits it brings:

“Handles will appear on channel pages and Shorts, so they'll be instantly and consistently recognizable. It'll soon be simpler and faster to mention each other in comments, community posts, video descriptions and more.

“For example, creators can be shouted out in a mention in comments or tagged in the title of a recent collab, helping them increase visibility and reach with new audiences. Handles join channel names as another way to identify a YouTube channel, but unlike channel names, handles are truly unique to each channel so creators can further establish their distinct presence and brand on YouTube.”

Automatic Handles

YouTube says it is automatically generating handles for channels. In other words, content creators cannot have their own custom handle. However, creators who already have a custom URL will see that automatically become their handle.

As well as giving channels the ability to stand out, there are also benefits for users. For example, a user can now identify the exact channel and not need to worry about watching a fake channel.

YouTube says it will roll out handles to creators with high subscription numbers and a good reputation first.

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