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The list of components, apps, and features Microsoft’s Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2) is breaking is growing by the day. In the latest development, the company is confirming an issue in the update that breaks the Windows Hello authentication service.

Microsoft says a problem in Windows 11 2022 Update is causing sign-in problems when using Windows Hello. This is whether using fingerprints, face recognition, or PIN to authenticate an account.

In a bulletin on the flaw, Microsoft points out it affects users who previously set up Windows Hello before updating to Windows 11 22H2. If you enabled the authentication after installing the latest Windows version, you should be fine.

Importantly, if Windows Hello is not working, you can still enter your system by using your Microsoft Account password. Even so, Microsoft says it is putting all affected systems under a compatibility hold. This means users who have yet to install Windows 11 2022 Update will not be able to do so if they are affected by the bug.


It is worth noting installing KB5017389 will resolve this issue. However, this first optional cumulative update for 22H2 is still under safeguard. Microsoft says it will remove that safeguard during the middle of this month.

Microsoft has already put compatibility holds on some systems to stop them from receiving the 2022 Update. This company confirmed the Windows 11 2022 Update can have issues finding full features from printers on PCs with certain drivers. In response, Microsoft put a compatibility hold preventing affected systems from installing the update.

Another hold was put on some Intel PCs. Microsoft says some versions of the Intel SST Audio controller driver are causing BSODs on Windows 11 2022 Update.

Tip of the day: It’s a good idea to backup your computer on a regular basis, and the most fool-proof way is to manually create a disk image and save it to an external hard drive.