Microsoft is hosting its Surface 2022 event today, with a bunch of new hardware set to launch. However, to whet the appetite, Microsoft Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has leaked an oft-rumoured-but-never-confirmed product… the Xbox Game Streaming device.

In a photo published on Twitter, Spencer shows a shelf setup that seems to be from his home or office. Either way, amid the usual books, photos, and models is a curious addition. Yes, a small white box that is the Xbox Game Streaming box.

It looks like a tiny Xbox Series S sitting on the shelf, a small white box with an Xbox logo. This device has been rumored as a way for Microsoft to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass to customers who do not have a console.

In other words, it acts as a streaming box for a TV just like a Google Chromecast, albeit with the added benefit of streaming games from the Game Pass catalog.


Microsoft said in 2020 that it was working on the Xbox Game Streaming box (not the official name, by the way). You can think of the device as putting the Xbox dashboard on your TV without needing a console. It will feature apps such as Netflix and Disney+, alongside Xbox Cloud Gaming.

In response to Spencer’s tweet, the official Xbox Twitter account responded with, “Now what did we say about putting old prototypes on your shelf boss.”

That essentially confirms the device is legit. However, “old prototypes” suggests this is a device Microsoft has tested and since decided not to build. It is worth noting the company launched the Xbox TV app on Samsung TVs this year. That app provides much of the same abilities as a dedicated box, including access to Game Pass and Cloud Gaming.

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