Amazon says it is investing a further €1 billion into its goal of reaching net zero in Europe. A report from Reuters shows the e-commerce giant will spend the money over a five-year period. Funds will be used to acquire electronic trucks, vans, and packaging hubs with low emissions throughout the continent.

In other words, Amazon is boosting its commitments to net zero and turning its fleet of vehicles and package locations green. By moving to electric vehicles, the company says it will also increase the infrastructure of electric charging stations in Europe. A knock-on effect will be more people trusting infrastructure and buying electric cards.

Amazon already has 3,000 electric vans in its European operations, delivering over 100 million packages in 2021. By 2025, the company wants to increase this number to 10,000 electric vans. These are late-stage-delivery vehicles that essentially bring packages from Amazon warehouses to customers at their door.

However, the company also wants to invest in cleaning up its long-haul fleet. So, Amazon will acquire 1,500 electric heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in the coming years. The HGVs will transport packages between Amazon hubs in Europe.


Amazon currently works with vehicle manufacturer Rivian for its fleet of electric vehicles in Europe and the United States. Presumably, the same brand will provide vehicles to cover the company’s increase.

Amazon has a pledge to be net zero by 2040.

Many cities in Europe, including the UK’s two largest (London and Birmingham), are setting low emission zones within them. This means only vehicles that meet certain emission standards can enter parts of the cities. These kinds of projects are likely to spread.

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