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Microsoft Debuts Windows HDR Calibration App to Boost Display Quality

Microsoft is debuting the Windows HDR Calibration app on the Microsoft Store, based on the Xbox HDR Gaming Calibration feature.


If you want to give your display performance a boost when running , has an app for that. Known as the Windows HDR Calibration app, the tool seeks to improve high dynamic range (HDR) screens by providing enhanced consistency and color accuracy.

Available now on the Microsoft Store, the app offers a simple set of tools that allow users to tweak Windows 11 HDR display settings. The Windows HDR Calibration app also supports improvements for standard dynamic range (SDR) displays.

“Calibrate your HDR (high dynamic range) display for a better experience with HDR content on your Windows 11 PC. The Windows HDR Calibration app helps you improve color accuracy and consistency. It also lets you customize how vividly colors will appear for both HDR and SDR (standard dynamic range) content when HDR is turned on,” Microsoft says in its description of the app..

While the tool is a PC gamers feature first and foremost, it will also have benefits for users watching movies or editing content on Windows 11.


Microsoft introduced the HDR app in February, saying it was developed following requests from Windows users who wanted the benefits of the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app on PC. It is similar to the Auto HDR feature that is on the Xbox Series X and S, allowing better performance of legacy games.

While Auto HDR is part of the Windows 11 experience since lunch, the HDR Game Calibration app will make the feature more powerful. Users can access the app to improve their color accuracy and overall performance of a HDR display.

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