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Microsoft Steps Close to Custom Windows 11 Widgets

Microsoft documentation provides guidelines for developers to help them create custom widgets for Windows 11.


At Build 2022, announced it would eventually allow third-party developers to create their own custom Windows 11 widgets. Documentation from the company now shows that that ability is now coming to the platform.

Microsoft is still not saying when the first third party will be available on the Microsoft Store, it seems that users may get them soon.

Official information posted on the Microsoft Learn website shows descriptions on Windows Widgets in general. The document highlights UI elements, components, manuals, and design help to give developers tools to get started.


Furthermore, Microsoft also points to guiding principles that can result in the best user experience on Windows 11. Those principles are guidelines developers can follow:

  • Glanceable—a widget should provide the most value and necessary information at a glance. Users should click on a widget only if they need “richer details” or “deeper integratioins.”
  • Dependable—a widget should display frequently used information instantly to save users time.
  • Useful—developers should ensure their widgets provide valuable and relevant data.
  • Personal—a widget should provide personalized content and “build an emotional connection with customers.” No ads should appear on Windows widgets.
  • Focused—widgets should not aim to replace apps or websites but should focus on one main task or scenario.
  • Fresh—a widget should dynamically refresh and provide up-to-date information.”

Also in the document, Microsoft explains that it is working on making improvements to native Windows Widgets. While widgets are available for Windows 10, it seems the custom widgets will only be available on Windows 11.

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