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Microsoft Teams to Get Payment Abilities

Microsoft is working on a new payment service for Microsoft Teams that will allow users to take payments within the app.


Teams is one of the best-featured business communication and collaboration platforms. However, there are some areas where it lags behind its rivals. One of those areas is payments. Zoom and Meet provide access to PayPal through a third party integration. Microsoft wants to do something more seamless and is planning its own payment feature within Teams.

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, this feature is in development but is still in the earliest stages. The company thinks the payment integration in will provide organizations with a ready-to-go option for requesting and taking payments in Teams.

Importantly, the feature will be an official part of Teams and not require a third party. On the Roadmap, Microsoft describes the tool in the following way:

“Grow your business by getting paid for appointments, classes, or events you host on Teams. Once you connect a third-party service to receive payments, you'll be able to request payment right during a Teams meeting—and have customers pay you in just a few clicks. This feature is supported for businesses registered in the United States and Canada at this time.”


Once available, the feature will make payment processing easy on Microsoft Teams. Users will be able to arrange transactions in a few clicks. While the integration will be native to Teams, users will almost certainly need to link to the third party payment service to complete transactions.

So far, it is unclear which financial providers and payment platforms Microsoft will partner with for the feature.

However, we should not need to wait long to find out. The company says the new payment integration will arrive in the United States and Canada starting next month. It will be available across platforms for Microsoft Teams on Windows, macOS, iOS, and .

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