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Microsoft Planning Surface Studio 3 Launch, but with Underwhelming Specs

Microsoft’s Surface Studio 3 is likely to launch next month, but with hardware that is two years old and with a $3,000+ price tag.


's is the premier device in the Surface range. It is the most outrageously spec'd, the most lavishly designed, and the most expensive. So, there was initial excitement when it emerged Microsoft will likely launch the Surface Studio 3 at its October 12 Surface Event 2022. That excitement quickly melted away when it also emerged the company is using two-year old specs.

It is worth noting this is the classic Surface Studio all-in-one desktop PC and not the Surface Laptop Studio. While the previous generations of the Surface Studio have come with the latest and greatest specs, Windows Central reports the third model will not.

Sure, it will remain a high-end device focused on premium design and performance. However, the reports says Microsoft will offer just one version of the device. Specifically, an 11th Gen Intel Core CPU and a “last-gen” GTX GPU.

In other words, hardware that is two years old. Considering Microsoft will ask for over $3,000 for the Surface Studio 3, this seems like a strange spec compromise to make. Intel has made vast improvements through the 12th and 12th Gen CPUs. Nvidia too has made similar gains for its newer RTX cards.


Other reported specs are more fitting for the high-end device, including a 1TB SSD and 32GB RAM. Design will remain the same, so the question is why would anyone bother with this device? Yes, performance will improve on the second generation Surface Studio. But at the same time, there are various devices that will offer better performance.

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