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Meta Reveals Call Links for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is adding the ability to share links for audio and video calls, while encrypted video calls are now open to 32 participants.


is getting an interesting new feature that will allow users to invite others to join calls through a shareable link. Announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the tool will work in a similar way to Teams and Zoom's sharing features. Known as Call Links, the tool will allow call participants who do not have a WhatsApp account.

Call Links will sit under the CALLS tab, allowing users to easy access the feature and generate shareable links. When a link is created, the user can then share it with their contacts on WhatsApp. While there is no confirmation, it is possible users will also be able to share with contacts outside of WhatsApp.

In a tweet to announce the feature, WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart says Call Links work for both audio and video calls. He adds the feature will make its debut this week.

Another new feature is also in the pipeline on WhatsApp. In a post, Zuckerberg revealed testing of encrypted video calls for up to 32 participants is now underway. This is a limited preview with no word on an official launch.

32 Participants

You may remember it was only in April when WhatsApp first allowed 32 participants in an audio call. Until, this update, only eight participants could enter a call. WhatsApp is still not going to replace your virtual conference apps, but it is clear Meta is wasting no time in expanding the capabilities open to 32 participants.

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