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Microsoft Edge Now Testing Video Ad-Blocking Tool

Microsoft Edge on Android is testing a new video ad-blocking feature known as Edge Block Video Ads through the Canary app.


Another week and another feature to discuss. As continues to throw everything but the kitchen sink at its web browser, the feature set keeps expanding. Over on the Edge Canary channel/app on , the company is now testing a video ad-blocking tool.

At the moment, it seems the feature will be exclusive to mobile and potentially just on Android. Of course, Microsoft Edge on Android and other platforms already have ad-blocking features through the free integration from AdBlock Plus.

With Edge Block Video Ads (a strange name for sure), the browser will work alongside AdBlock Plus to disable video ads that make it past the integrated blocker.

For the moment, Edge Block Video Ads is only available through the Edge Canary app, where users can enable it through the edge://flags path in the URL address bar.


As always, Canary is the first preview phase and is the testing of the feature. If testing goes well, Microsoft will begin rolling it out to other testing channels ahead of a full release on Android. That should happen in the coming months.

Microsoft is currently not saying if the tool will come to Microsoft Edge on iOS, Windows, Mac, or other platforms. I would say an iOS release is likely somewhere down the line.

Over recent years, Microsoft has been throwing features at Edge. Some of those new additions are useful and others could be seen as bloatware (the reality is somewhere between). Either way, Microsoft Edge is a fully stocked browser experience.

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Luke Jones
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