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Google Maps Eco Routes Land in 40 More Countries

Google Maps eco-friendly routes is now available across Europe after its initial launch in the US, Canada, and then Germany.


Maps launched its eco-friendly routes for US and Canadian customers in 2021. These are routes marked on the map that put lower fuel consumption as the main consideration. After running the idea in the US for a year, Google is now expanding its eco routes to 40 additional countries.

When a user inputs a route into , the app will surface its usual multiple options to get to the destination. As well as the fastest route, one alternative will now also display the route that is the most fuel-efficient.

With this tool, drivers who are carbon conscious can reduce their emissions and take greener routes to their destinations. The alternative eco route will also offer a time comparison with the fastest route, while also showing relative fuel savings.

New Engine Type Feature

Alongside the expansion to 40 new countries, Google is also adding new features to the eco-friendly routes. Specifically, a new tool allows vehicle drivers to choose the type of engine their car has (diesel, gas, petrol, electric, or hybrid) to get more personalized routes that maximize fuel efficiency for their vehicle/engine.

Google is happy with this feature, which was made in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and data from the European Environment Agency. In fact, the company says the tool could stop one million tons of each year.

To access eco-friendly routes, head to Google Maps and tap the profile account circle. Under Settings, go to Navigation settings and under the Route options toggle eco-friendly routing to on. A green label in the shape of a leaf will indicate an eco route on the map.

As for the 40 new nations the tool is expanding to, they are nations across Europe, including the UK, France, Spain, and Ireland.

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