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Windows Autopatch Gains New Update with Added Features

Windows Autopatch now has application-based authentication, as well as simpler post-registration device readiness.


Back in April, introduced its new updating service for enterprise customers, before rolling it out properly in July. This week Microsoft is talking up new features that are now available on Autopatch.

Windows Autopatch introduces automatic firmware, driver, app, and feature updates to customers. It is a managed service that links to Patch Tuesday but provides automatic patches when needed. This includes for and covering firmware and drivers, as well as Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Teams, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

According to Microsoft, there is now a new application-based authentication available in Autopatch through the Modern Workplace Management app. Thanks to this new certificate-based authentication, users can avoid the hassle of rotating passwords or handling Conditional Access (CA) policies.

More Changes

Microsoft explains that this solution is perfect for users who were avoiding Autopatch because it did not provide these benefits. Elsewhere, Windows Autopatch is also getting a simpler post-registration device readiness process. In its blog post, Microsoft explains why this slight tweak is important:

“We heard that making sure devices remain healthy and eligible to receive updates—and reporting on the status of those devices—was time-consuming (and expensive). With this update to the device registration flow, IT admins can easily detect and take action to remediate configuration mismatches or other issues in their environments that prevent devices from receiving software updates from Windows Autopatch.”

Lastly for this update, Microsoft says its quality updates reporting service is now open. The video above explains more about this new tool. The company says the Ignite Conference in October will highlight more new features coming to Windows Autopatch.

I will be covering the Ignite event next month, so check out our coverage when the conference gets underway.

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