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Smart Campaigns Comes to Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is introducing Smart Campaigns, a new solution for SMBs that includes a tool called Multi-platform.


It has never been harder to thrive as a small and medium business (SMBs). Whether it is a busy market of competition, larger corporations stifling growth of smaller rivals, or other issues. Yet, these businesses are essential to economies around the world. Advertising is giving those SMBs a boost with its new Smart Campaigns experience.

Available initially in the United States, Microsoft says Smart Campaigns will help SMBs to create online advertising campaigns more efficiently:

“Smart Campaigns are a simple and efficient way for small businesses to get started with digital advertising and connect with relevant customers who are ready to engage with their business. It's a streamlined and guided campaign experience to run ads on Microsoft Advertising, and optionally on other advertising platforms.

“From onboarding to optimizing your campaign, our support team is available through a prevalent chat experience across our site, and setting up ads is easier than ever with a simplified setup workflow. You can create your own ads or have us generate options for your review.”


Smart Campaigns allows businesses to tap into major social platforms and advertising networks, whether , , or Microsoft's own Advertising platform. This is possible through a tool known as Multi-platform. It is a single solution, a one-stop-shop that provides management and analytics of campaigns brought by Microsoft AI.

“Smart Campaigns and Multi-platform can also help with your website or organic efforts. Build a brand-new website from scratch or generate one from your business's Facebook page in seconds. And use our powerful social media management tools to schedule posts and respond to your customers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from a single interface.”

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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