Microsoft is today announcing a new eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) service that the company says is “standalone”. According to the company, the service will optimize live video streaming for businesses.

Organizations can tap into the eCDN service to deliver meetings via video across an employee base, no matter where they are in the world. One of the benefits of using the platform is a reduction in network bandwidth, while it will also include security to protect streams.

That bandwidth promise will appeal to businesses. Organizations often face bandwidth bottlenecks on corporate networks. Microsoft’s eCDN product uses peer-to-peer device connection to distribute content load. This is an alternative to fetching from the internet. Microsoft is leveraging technology is acquired through last year’s purchase of Peer5.

If you are unfamiliar with Peer5, it is a firm that has an Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) product on the WebRTC open source communication engine. The solution runs on a web browser to increase bandwidth, a useful tool when making video calls in a multi-participant meeting.

One of the main benefits of Peer5’s technology is it can fold directly into networks without needing any installation or changes to the network.

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In its eCDN service, Microsoft is also including “advanced analytics tools” with no installation for devices necessary. The company also says admins do not need to change any physical network infrastructure to adopt the service.

Microsoft eCDN service is now available “through volume licensing, direct from Microsoft through the Microsoft 365 IT Admin Center or through a variety of Microsoft Cloud Partners.”

It costs $0.50 per user/per month on an annual subscription.  

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