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The Top 5 Board Portal Software Solutions


This article was contributed by David Serf who works as a  freelance writer for software developer Lemon.

Board room software has long improved the lives of millions of board members in most corporations around the world. What has made this family of applications so popular and what do they do? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

What do Board Portals do?

Board rooms are software applications designed specifically for staff employees to administer and generate corporate board papers, as well as to aid board members in exchanging, reading, or noting board books and other meeting records in digital format. In reality, virtual board software is becoming a must-have for the boards of directors of large and medium-sized businesses. Small enterprises may utilize it as well, at least to plan for expansion.

The board process necessitates extensive participation from other workers, which the board site facilitates. All of the beneficial and necessary elements for good performance are contained inside these programs. Board members are frequently dispersed geographically. This is another issue that such a program addresses.

If you wish to pick the goods yourself, the source you choose must be reliable. This sort of application, for example, contains the following fundamental functions:

  • Document reading and annotation. Paperwork and document drafting take a significant amount of time. Only the Board Portal allows you to do business using a modern paperless meeting solution. You can quickly read documents, mark them, and follow the development activities of each individual document with this.
  • Board members are often busy individuals, which is why a calendar is an essential element that should be included in any board portal software. Solve many concerns with the calendar, such as online board meetings and what activities are mostly planned for a specific day.
  • Making Board Books. Creating a board book is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. Hundreds of papers may need to be uploaded and organized. It is critical that the technology itself makes this procedure as smooth and quick as feasible.
  • This is especially crucial for organizations with board members based in different regions of the world. It is possible to gather many individuals together into one unit with this technology, and in general using Virtual board software.
  • Usability on mobile devices. What would today's world be like without smartphones? Most decent board portals are compatible with most contemporary mobile , such as or iOS. It is required for various things, such as calling an emergency meeting when one of the board members is not in the office.

How to choose the right one?

This is not a complete list of requirements for various solutions to meet your claims. It can be difficult to select the correct board management software, and switching to a different system can be costly and time-consuming. So here are a few pointers to help you limit your selections and focus on the packages that are most likely to suit you:

  • Consider how board members will utilize the site. Several board portals are not supported on Android or Windows 8.1 smartphones. The user interfaces for board members using a desktop or laptop to access the board portal differ dramatically between platforms. Your selection of a system with somewhat standard web and tablet interfaces would make maintaining your entire board easier.
  • Determine the priorities of your firm. Few systems have built-in support for online presentations for virtual board meetings. The vast majority of board portals require the usage of third-party online meeting solutions like WebEx or GoToMeeting. Some foundations may wish to keep any subpoenaed discussions separate from the board portal.

The case has progressed to the next level thanks to virtual boardroom software. Because of the automation of operations and the capacity to keep in touch with all individuals in most circumstances, this thing is currently assisting most businesses in growing. This sort of application eliminates the need for a thousand pieces of paper by providing a paperless meeting solution.

Before you buy, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Price-related concerns. Determine a suitable amount for yourself and a monthly membership limit.
  • What about technical support? Is it necessary to integrate with Android or Apple phones?
  • How does customer service work? Most Board Portals offer consistent 24/7 service, however this might vary.
  • Do you require the capacity to sign papers electronically? Because some of the best items lack it.

These questions, together with rigorous comparison, will assist you in selecting the best product for you. If you choose at random, you risk making a mistake, at least in terms of the availability of the features required for your business. Most providers offer extra features in addition to the standard ones.

Four Successful Examples of Board Rooms

Here will be written the top five representatives of Board Room Portals that only exist in the world. We will not provide detailed data, only names and brief descriptions.


The online board portal, called BoardMaps, will improve meeting efficiency by streamlining the executive team's process. Boards of directors may use this tool to expedite communication and develop successful strategies since it has everything they require.

  1. One of the newest board room software is iDeals. Companies of all sizes throughout the world rely on iDeals. This supplier offers a versatile yet uncomplicated solution that can help your company with board management, communications enhancement, and other data-intensive procedures.
  2. This distinguished service provider doesn't boast about special capabilities. It simply gives its clients all the resources they want to enhance board procedures. It is a straightforward yet effective piece of software.
  3. Brainloop online board portal is always available from anywhere because this program works with all mobile devices. The company is also quite pleased with the level of security that the secure board site offers its users.
  4. Board members have access to all the resources they need using this program to handle board meetings and keep up with all procedures. They can engage with partners and set tasks to speed up the workflow here in addition to keeping track of items.

If you want to investigate in detail, you can use the link we gave above. All the detailed information you need is there.

About the author

David Serf works as a  freelance writer for software developer Lemon. He attended Arkansas State University in the Department of Information Systems and studied -business analytics and data management.



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