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GIS Software for Windows


This article was contributed by Andrew Ray who works as a DevOps engineer and specialist in geospatial data analytics for EOS Data Analytics.

Technology makes it easier to work in many industries. For example, satellite pictures of the earth enable to track changes on the earth's surface and make decisions based on accurate data. In addition, thanks to technology, we can respond to threats on time and take appropriate actions.

What is GIS?

Geographic information systems allow mapping and analyzing various objects and events on the Earth's surface. This technology provides opportunities for statistical and geographical analysis and cartographic visualization.

This combination makes GIS incredibly useful in helping private companies, government organizations, and governments to gain information and explanations for specific events, forecasting, and planning. Geographic information systems and satellite imaging software enable faster and more efficient handling of tasks such as geographic analysis. The advantage of using this technology is that it is more affordable than the manual methods of the past, as there were few people with the relevant skills.

How Does it Work?

Location data in GIS maps can be displayed in layers, unlike 2D maps, which only show a limited data set. Typically, geographic information systems include several components: maps with geodata layers and geo-referenced tables or images. Users can also apply spatial analysis to gain information for better decision-making, interpreting events, and predicting future situations. Photo interpretation is a critical GIS function that includes the analysis of drone footage, the latest satellite images, aerial photographs for land use assessment, forest, and farmland location, and other purposes.

GIS can be used on computers with various and mobile applications anywhere at any time. Of course, all software and applications are different, but there are many similarities in how they function, as all such tools provide analysis and visualization of geospatial data. The list of these data includes longitude, latitude, and address. Tasks are performed in several stages, including displaying data, merging layers to form maps, and searching for query data.

5 Examples of GIS Software for Windows

EOS LandViewer

EOS LandViewer by EOS Data Analytics is a digital GIS tool that allows you to efficiently solve business problems based on valuable information extracted from satellite images. This service gives the user access to a quick search and visualization of data. The platform provides more than a dozen indices for processing on the platform. The users can also create their own index using various combinations of spectral bands.

To find an image of the required area, the user only needs to select an area of interest in any corner of the planet. Then the image can be processed with the same tool and downloaded in a convenient format. Users can access images of the same area taken by different satellites and on different dates, which can be compared in a split view mode to evaluate and analyze changes.

Simple GIS Client

It is a simple GIS software for various Windows devices. With the Simple GIS Client, users analyze spatial data from multiple sources, including OpenStreetMap, the Geological Survey, and the US Census Bureau. The software also offers a wide range of features, allowing users to display their addresses and use GPS tracking, routing, navigation, and geocoding. The software also allows you to apply the settings of the built-in VB editor and access many properties and methods. Simple GIS Client is a quality tool at an affordable price that private users and small businesses can use.

GPS Tracking Software

This system is simple and easy to use. The user only needs to install this software on his server, connect his devices to expand the functionality further, and modify and develop new protocols. With GPS Tracking Software, you get a GPS tracking platform that is entirely ready to use and can be used under your company logo and domain.


This interactive map can be helpful for many industries, including advertising, banking, and insurance. CartoVista helps turn your data into valuable visual content. Use and GIS data to create an interactive map that will showcase your strategic data in an easy-to-understand way. You can also make interacting with your data as user-friendly as possible by creating themes for them and using different colors, symbols, and storyboards. You can also give users access to customized settings to understand the presented data better.


This tool is designed to create clickable, interactive HTML5 maps. Users can add interactive markers, tooltips, icons, and more for easy interaction. World maps of all continents display geographical, political, and other aspects. The interactive map is a new way to get information and site navigator to improve functionality. This software can be used by small, medium, and large businesses, private users, governments, and non-profit organizations. 

About the author

Andrew Ray is a DevOps engineer and a specialist in geospatial data analytics, currently working in EOS Data Analytics. The company provides Earth observation solutions combining data from satellite imagery with AI technologies and proprietary algorithms to analyze the state of crops within farms and trees growing in forest stands to drive businesses and implement sustainable practices globally. As a noted specialist in geospatial analytics, Andrew blogs about geospatial data-based software and tools, and professional development for data professionals in the geospatial sector.