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Facebook Spent Hours Spamming Users with Celebrity Comments

Meta has confirmed a major bug that lasted for three hours on Facebook, spamming users with content from celebrities.


If you were one of the hundreds of millions using on Wednesday morning, you may have experienced a major bug. Specifically, the social network was bombarding users with endless posts coming from celebrity accounts.

Essentially, the News Feed on Facebook was overwhelmed by spam posts of minor posts from musicians such as The Beatles and Nirvana. It now seems Meta has the situation under control, but the chaos was ongoing for over three hours.

Taking to Twitter, Meta spokesperson Alexandra Voica confirmed the situation, saying it was caused by a “configuration change.”

Seeing the funny side of the situation, users used the bug to send memes to celebrities, knowing they would then be reshared as spam to millions of users. For example, an image sent to Lady Gaga as a meme would then show up on the News Feed of other users.

Others seized the opportunity in more economic ways, spamming PayPal donation links or promoting their projects.

IG Candid

In other Meta news this week, the company confirmed it is working on a new feature that seemingly copies the controversial BeReal app.

BeReal has been growing in popularity in recent weeks, while also drawing plenty of negativity. It works by sending a notification to users at random intervals during the day, giving them two minutes to take a rear and selfie photo at the same time.

Meta's new feature – known as IG Candia – will bring the same ability to .

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