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Amazon Claims FTC Regulatory Demands Are a “Burden” on Jeff Bezos

Amazon has made a strange complaint saying regulatory demands from the FTC are over burdening its executive team.


Online giant has been in hot water with regulators in the United States over the way it shepherds users towards Prime membership and then making it hard for them to cancel the subscription. However, the company is hitting back against the FTC, saying it is making too many demands.

Amazon's current wranglings with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are strange. The FTC has been investigating the company since early 2021. Instead of making concessions with the U.S. regulator, Amazon recently made changes in the EU.

In other words, the company appeased European regulators but has now yet met demands made by the FTC.

In a bizarre development, Amazon now seems to be concerned the FTC is stressing out its top executives. Filings made earlier this month show the company says the demands from the regulator are “unduly burdensome”.


The FTC has subpoenaed 19 executives at Amazon, including current CEO Andy Jassy and founder and former CEO . As the FTC asks the executives to answer questions on minute operational details, the company says there is “tremendous burden on them”. Furthermore, the retailer points out the demands are unfair and designed to disrupt operations.

I am sure there is not going to be much sympathy coming Amazon's way. Let's not forget Bezos is one of the richest men who has ever lived. The FTC will now review the company's complaints and make a decision on how to respond to them.

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