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Experience Insights for Microsoft 365 Makes its Debut in Preview

Experience Insights for Microsoft 365 is a new service that allows admins to get at-a-glance insights on the user experience.


is rolling out a new service for customers that will allow IT admins to see data on usage at a glance. Known as Experience Insights for Microsoft 365, the tool is now rolling out in a limited preview.

Before getting into the details, let's see how Microsoft sums up Experience Insights for Microsoft 365:

“We've developed Experience insights to give our customers' designated IT admins an at-a-glance view of core user experience metrics like product usage, in-product feedback, Net Promoter Score™ (NPS) values, and data on help content viewed across an organization.”

Essentially, with the new service customers can get deeper understanding of the user experience through data points across Microsoft 365 apps. Admins can assess the data and decide whether to act on the information.


Microsoft 365 will surface data on an app or service to see how it is used, what feedback has been left, and survey responses. Admins can see which self-service articles are getting the most traction.

“Experience insights help you quickly understand key user experience signals from select Microsoft 365 apps and services. Seeing this information all together helps administrators determine whether they need to take specific actions, such as providing users with updated recommendations and support resources as workspaces and operations evolve over time. To drill into more data, select the app or service you're interested in learning more about.”

Microsoft points out that Experience Insights will not collect user-level data, such as personal information. Instead, it focuses on tenant-level information only.

The new service is now available in a limited preview for 20,000 select customers on the Targeted Release ring of the 365 Insider Program. Microsoft says Global admins, Global readers, and Reports readers can get the tool through the Microsoft 365 admin portal.

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