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Microsoft Edge Gets New Security Tools to Handle Unfamiliar Sites

Microsoft Edge now has an enhanced security mode that will allow users to have basic, balanced, or strict protection against unfamiliar sites.


is beefing up the security capabilities of the web browser. According to the company, a new feature will provide additional protection to users while they browse. Specifically, Edge will handle “unfamiliar” sites better.

When users have Microsoft Edge in enhanced security mode, the browser will be “more conservative” when dealing with unfamiliar websites.

This mode provides added security by turning off Just-in-Time (JIT) JavaScript compliation and also adding more system protections. For example, Hardware-enforced Stack Protection and Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG). Together, these tools will prevent a malicious website from attacking.

Browsing Modes

The new modes are available via “Privacy, Search, and Services” in the Microsoft Edge settings. Toggle the “Enhance your security on the web” tool to choose which browsing mode you want to use. Microsoft says there are three modes available:

  • “Basic: Basic mode is a static mode that only applies these security mitigations to less visited sites. This mode doesn't take a user's behavior into account and only enables the feature on less visited sites.
  • Balanced: Balanced mode is an adaptive mode that builds on user's behavior on a particular device, and Microsoft's understanding of risk across the web to give sites that users are most likely to use and trust full access to the web platform, while limiting what new and unfamiliar sites can do.
  • Strict: As the name suggests, Strict Mode applies these security protections to all sites by default. However, you can still manually add sites to the exception site list and enterprise admin configuration will still apply, if present. Strict mode isn't appropriate for most end users because it may require some level of configuration for the user to complete their normal tasks.”

Microsoft adds the new security measures for unfamiliar sites are available from Microsoft Edge 104 and newer.

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