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How to Organize Pages on a PDF on the Web with FormatPDF

In this tutorial, we show you how to use FormatPDF to manage PDF files, including splitting, re-ordering, and removing pages.


Many people use PDF files regularly to send text and image files. However, managing PDF files is not easy unless you use a third-party tool. There are plenty of PDF management suites around, but many users want the efficiency of an online tool. In the following guide, we will show you how to manage and organize PDF pages using FormatPDF.

Because it is free and works online, FormatPDF is a good option for users who want a quick way to manage PDF files. There are plenty of similar free PDF formatting tools available, but FormatPDF is simple to use and functional.

PDF – portable document format – files are digital documents that are flexible because they are readable across different software. However, making modifications to PDF files once packaged is not easy to do. That is why most users turn to PDF management tools, which are available offline or online.

If you use PDF files on the internet, the following information will make your life easier. Using FortmatPDF, we will highlight three different methods for managing pages on a PDF – organizing a PDF, splitting a PDF, and removing pages from a PDF.

It is worth noting that Format PDF also provides the ability to compress, rotate, merge, repair, and protect PDF files. Each of these additional features follows the same GUI functionality path as the management abilities we list below (upload > modify > process > download).

How to organize an existing PDF with FormatPDF

If you have an existing PDF file that you want to change the page order on, FormatPDF has a simple re-odering tool that can help. Using the below method, you can quickly reorganize the pages in a PDF file:

  1. Select “Organize PDF” to get started

    Open FormatPDF on your browser and select “Organize PDF” under the “Our PDF Online Tools” section.

    FormatPDF - Organize PDF

  2. Choose the PDF file you want to manage

    Select the PDF file you want to edit by either using the “Select PDF file” button or using the drag and drop tool.

    FormatPDF - Organize PDF - Upload

  3. Re-order the PDF file using drag and drop

    FormatPDF shows a grid format of pages on the PDF file. Drag pages into the positions you want to create the page order you prefer.

    FormatPDF - Organize PDF - Order via Drag&Drop

  4. Use zoom in to manage individual pages more easily

    You can zoom in on the grid to see pages more closely, allowing you to drag and drop one page at a time.

    FormatPDF - Organize PDF - Zoom In + Order via Drag&Drop

  5. Use zoom out to have an overview of the complete page order

    Alternatively the zoom out function gives you an overview of all pages in the PDF for fast re-ordering, or for you to see the final order after editing.

    FormatPDF - Organize PDF - Zoom Out - Order via Drag&Drop

  6. Finalize the new page order

    Once the PDF pages are in the correct positions, select the “Order” button to complete the edit.

    FormatPDF - Organize PDF - Order - Apply Changes

  7. Wait for FormatPDF to process the edit

    FormatPDF will now process the changes you made and prepare the re-ordered PDF file.

    FormatPDF - Organize PDF - Order - Processing

  8. Receive the new PDF with re-ordered page sequence

    Once the processing is complete, download the finished PDF files by clicking the “Download File” button.

How to Split a PDF with FormatPDF

Some PDF files you receive will have specific pages that you want to keep and others you may want to discard. Alternatively, you may need to create multiple PDF files from the single PDF you have. With the Split PDF tool in FormatPDF, you can create multiple PDFs or extract specific pages from a file:

  1. Choose the Split PDF option

    Select “Split PDF” from the list of available FormatPDF features.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF

  2. Upload the PDF file you want to split

    Upload your PDF by using the drag and drop tool or by clicking the “Select PDF file” button.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - Upload

  3. Create two PDF files through page ranges

    The “Split by ranges” tool allows you to choose which sections of the PDF file you will be splitting into two seperate files.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - select mode

  4. Build custom ranges to create split PDFs your way

    Under the “Range mode” section, one of the options is to create custom ranges. Here you can select which pages will be split into seperate ranges (Range 1 and Range 2). Use the arrow select tool to choose the page range “From” and “To”.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - Split by ranges - Custom ranges - Options

  5. Select fixed ranges for preset PDF file splitting

    Alternatively, “Fixed ranges” provide preset ranges that will split the PDF into multiple PDF files.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - Split by ranges - Fixed ranges - Options

  6. Extract the pages you want to split

    If you want more granular control over split options, the “Extract pages” option allows you to extract specific pages from the file.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - Extract pages

  7. Choose which page to extract

    Select the pages you want to extract, seperating each with a comma (for example, 1, 3, 8).

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - Extract pages - Options + apply changes

  8. Download the final PDFs created from the split edit

    Once you click “Split” and FormatPDF processes the edit, click the “Download File”.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - Order - Download

How to remove Pages from a PDF with FormatPDF

FormatPDF also makes it easy to delete/remove pages from a PDF file:

  1. Start by choosing the delete pages tool

    Click the “More Online PDF Tools” option and select “Delete Pages from PDF”.

    FormatPDF - Delete Pages from PDF

  2. Upload the PDF file you want to modify

    Drag and drop the PDF file you want to modify, or pick it via the “Select PDF file”.

    FormatPDF - Delete Pages from PDF - Upload

  3. Select the pages you want to remove from the PDF file

    FormatPDF now shows a grid view showing individual pages of the PDF file. You can select/deselect files by clicking on the individual page. Select the pages you want to remove.

    FormatPDF - Delete Pages from PDF - Remove pages

  4. Make changes or finalize the edit by selecting “Delete pages”

    FormatPDF will now display the number of pages you have selected to delete. If you want to make further modifications, you can reset and start again. If you are happy with your selections, click the “Delete pages” button.

    FormatPDF - Delete Pages from PDF - Apply

  5. Download the finished PDF file with the pages you want removed

    FormatPDF now processes the file, removing the pages you want. Once this is done, select the “Download File” options to take ownership of the ne PDF file.

    FormatPDF - Split PDF - Order - Download

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