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Barclays Announces Microsoft Teams as its Preferred Collaboration Tool

Microsoft Teams is now the preferred collaboration and communication tool for Barclays, available to 120,000 employees worldwide.


On Tuesday, announced a major new enterprise partnership with financial giant Barclays Bank PLC (Barclays). Under the collaboration, the bank will make Microsoft Teams its preferred collaboration platform across its organization.

This means Teams will power communication and inter-team work across 120,000 Barclays employees and service partners around the world. To facilitate the support, the company is cutting off or streamlining existing collaboration and communication services it uses.

“Modern technology is essential to enabling our employees to deliver the highest level of service to our customers in a way that is resilient and sustainable,” says Craig Bright, global chief information officer, Barclays. “Microsoft Teams gives us an end-to-end collaboration platform that helps us connect our colleagues and enhance our business capabilities.”

Teams will replace them in an effort to increase employee connectivity and collaboration across the company. Microsoft says it has been working directly with Barclays to ensure a smooth transition and rollout of Teams through the organization. This switch has included ensuring data retention is on point and retrieval help through Microsoft Pureview.

Instant Impact

The deployment of Microsoft Teams across all global Barclays locations was done in just several months. According to the company, the impact has been clear to see from the start, with improved collaboration and more efficient communication between employees.

“Over the past two years, digital collaboration has become central to how work gets done. Barclays is leading the way for the financial services industry globally, by giving its employees modern communication and collaboration tools that enable them to connect without friction,” adds Rajesh Jha, executive vice president, Experiences & Devices, Microsoft.

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