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The 5 Best Phone Apps to Encourage Safe Driving


This article was contributed by Cynthia Madison who works as an author at SmallBizClub.

Worldwide, crash injuries are estimated to be the eight-leading cause of death, while 1.3 million people are killed daily in accidents involving cars, buses, motorcycles and trucks. Such incidents happen due to distractions like the mobile phone or driving after drinking alcohol.

Even if authorities are trying to reduce the number of accidents by increasing penalty points, it's not that easy, especially when more vehicles are on the road every year. But some solutions are driven by phone apps that can help drivers pay more attention on the road, which we'll discuss further on. 

A short overview of safe driving 

To be safely driving, all road participants must obey the traffic rules and keep themselves alert and ready to take action at any time. Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs is illegal, but other road rules are still not fully respected. Participants must be aware of their surroundings by:

  • Checking their mirrors every time they're changing lanes or overtaking;
  • Checking their blind spots when pulling out from the kerb or temporarily entering a bus lane;
  • Keeping a safe distance between other vehicles;
  • Avoiding driving when feeling sleepy or ill;

Regarding the speed limit, it's best to drive below it, especially when you're unfamiliar with the road or there's poor visibility and bad weather. When possible, drive on the left lane to allow other vehicles to overtake, but be aware of school areas or other cramped locations and readjust your speed accordingly. 

The opposite of total awareness when driving is letting yourself distracted by either your phone or the surroundings, which can increase the risk of having an accident. You should place your phone on a fixed holder for vehicles and use it without touching it (most phones have Alexa or other AI integrated that allow you to make phone calls or perform other actions with your voice). 

Even if you're careful, there are still people that use their phones while driving carelessly, causing trouble on the road. According to personalinjuryclaimsuk.org.uk, if another driver collides with your vehicle due to speed above the limit or not concentrating on driving, you can make a compensation claim if you suffer injuries. For example, for a severe shoulder fracture, you can get up to £45,070 if you can prove the other participant's fault. 

But let's get into how mobile phones can help you remain alert while driving because some apps provide special features so you won't have to look at your phone if you need directions or operate it with your voice. 


This augmented reality driving safety app uses GPS features, a gyroscope and a video camera stream to monitor the vehicle's position on the road and alert drivers of lane departures and potential risks on the road. It received the International CES innovation award, aiming to protect cars from being involved in accidents. 

iOnRoad measures the car's headway distance and alerts the driver of their speed regarding the proximity to the traffic ahead. You're also provided with a personal web dashboard to make phone calls, play music or check a map. The app is available for both Android and phones.

DriveWell Go

DriveWell Go automatically detects when you start or stop driving, and through your phone sensors, it measures your vehicle's dynamics. Don't worry about the battery consumption, as the app uses lower-power sensing methods while running in the background. It's recently actualized on the store apps, so it provides great functions.

It also shows trip summaries and details on maneuvers and gives useful feedback on how to become a better driver. With accurately assessed driver and vehicle behavior, you'll be able to avoid accidents at all times. You can find it on the app store or Apple.


Only for Android, OneTap detects your driving activity automatically, but you can also set it manually. After entering the drive mode, texts, phone calls and notifications will be stopped, but after you're done driving, you'll be able to make calls and use your phone. It has four special features:

  • Drive Time, when if someone calls you, they will get an SMS letting them know you're driving, and as soon as you're done, they will be announced;
  • Passenger mode, when the app detects if you are on the back seat of the vehicle, so the phone's features will not be stopped;
  • Trip Summary that lets you know what calls or texts you've missed or take a look at tour driving stats;
  • Urgent notification for when you expect or need to make urgent calls;


LifeSafer is great for companies, especially ones where driving is necessary (like delivery services), because it tells your employers that you're driving safely. This way, if you're behaving correctly, your company can reward you for road safety practices. It's a great way to encourage employees to be more aware of their surroundings and perform their job cautiously.

The software is programmed to detect drivers and block cell phone use without additional hardware. It still allows for hands-free calls and maps while performing daily checks to ensure the app is running correctly without involving the administrator. Employers can still monitor the data from the phone apps on the desktop feature to view driver performance. You can find LifeSaver on both Android and Apple store apps.


TrueMotion Family is designed for parents that frequently drive with their kids. Or, if your teen has just started driving, with this app, you can see where they are, how they got there and how they drove (aggressively or speeding up frequently). It monitors and tracks dangerous driving behaviors and offers recommendations for improving them. 

Your whole family can share the same data if they install the app so that everyone can become safe and responsible drivers. With TrueMotion, your car trips are rated using a 100-point scale, and you can rank your driving style. You can also compare it with your family members and see where you should make improvements. This app is made for Android users only. 

Although it's best not to use your phone when driving, such apps can help you drive safely and get to your desired destination without taking turns or making small mistakes.

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