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Microsoft Defender Debuts a Pair of New Business Protection Tools

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence and Defender External Attack Surface Management are powered by RiskIQ.


is getting a couple of new products for business users this week. In an announcement blog, says the two solutions are built on its acquisition of security firm RiskIQ. With the new Defender Threat Intelligence, and Defender External Attack Surface Management can power businesses' security and help prevent attacks.

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence provides real-time data from Microsoft's various security solutions. It borrows abilities from Microsoft Sentinel to offer in-action solutions that allow corporations to look for threats across a broader range of metrics.

“Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence maps the internet every day, providing security teams with the necessary information to understand adversaries and their attack techniques. Customers can access a library of raw threat intelligence detailing adversaries by name, correlating their tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), and can see active updates within the portal as new information is distilled from Microsoft's security signals and experts.

Defender Threat Intelligence lifts the veil on the attacker and threat family behavior and helps security teams find, remove, and block hidden adversary tools within their organization.”

External Attack Surface Management

Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management allows organisations to see vulnerabilities in their security the way a threat actor would. It gives admins and security teamsn the ability to see and discover unmanaged resources that are visible online. That means an attacker could also see these resources:

“Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management scans the internet and its connections every day. This builds a complete catalog of a customer's environment, discovering internet-facing resources—even the agentless and unmanaged assets. Continuous monitoring, without the need for agents or credentials, prioritizes new vulnerabilities.”

A year ago, Microsoft paid $500 million to acquire RiskIQ, a cloud security provider for the major companies around the world.

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