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Troubleshoot Instagram Windows App If It’s Not Working Properly


This article was contributed by Amy Fischer who works as a content creator for Visible Webs.

is a popular photo-sharing app – So popular is the app that it's the 4th most used social app after , YouTube, and

Besides, Instagram which is in its 12th year has more than a billion active monthly users.

One of the reasons why this app has grown so much is because it has evolved to be more than just a photo-sharing app. 

For instance, businesses have realized that they can use Instagram with the help of an Instagram growth service to boost sales, increase brand awareness, and improve their audience engagement rates.

However, Instagram just like most apps has its issues, especially among PC users. A common issue among Instagram and 11 users is that the app sometimes will stop working, or it may not work at all.

If you need help with this issue, here are a few troubleshooting tips you can use to get your Instagram Windows app working.

1. Run the Troubleshooter

The Windows stores app troubleshooter tool helps resolve any integration problems that may be causing your Instagram app to stop working.

  • To run the Windows store app troubleshooter, follow the following steps:
  • Press the Windows +1 keys to go to settings
  • Click on Update and Security
  • On the left pane, click on Troubleshoot
  • Expand the troubleshooter
  • Select Run the Troubleshooter
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen and then restart your computer
  • Check if the Instagram app is now working

2. Reset the Instagram App

You can also reset your Instagram app to default settings if the above tip doesn't work.

Remember, once you do this the action will erase any unsaved data from your app. You will also have to sign in again once you reset the app. This solution may work if your app has a bug or corrupt data that could be causing the app not to work.

Here's how you install Instagram to default values:

  • On your PC go to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • On the Apps & Features option, select Instagram and click on Advanced Options
  • Click on Reset and check if the issue has been resolved

3. Reinstall the Instagram app

If the above two solutions don't work, you can always reinstall the app. This tip will work if the Instagram version you're currently using has issues.

  • To reinstall your Instagram app, follow the below steps:
  • Click on open and select the Instagram app from the apps list
  • Right-click the app and choose Uninstall
  • Restart your computer
  • Go to the Store and install the app again

4. Use the Mobile App Alternative

It's possible to use the mobile version of Instagram on your PC. To use the Instagram mobile app, you'll need to stimulate a smartphone on your browser.

  • For this solution to work, follow the below steps:
  • On your browser, go to the Instagram main page and sign in
  • Right-click on any empty space and from the drop-down menu select Inspect
  • Once the developer window opens up, select the Tablet/smartphone icon
  • Disable the ad blocker, and you're good to go

If your Windows 10 or 11 Instagram app isn't working, you can use the above troubleshooting tips to try and resolve this problem. We hope one of the tips given here works so you can continue using Insta to share photos or grow your business. 

About the author

Amy Fischer works as a content creator for Visible Webs. She attended University of Haifa International School. Despite the fact that she is still young, she is a very experienced specialist who is well versed in economics and banking. Also in her spare time, Amy shares her experience and interesting news with the readers of various blogs.

Last Updated on July 27, 2022 3:43 pm CEST

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