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Chrome OS Flex Brings Chrome OS to Windows and Mac

Google has made its Chrome OS Flex platform available to all users, allowing Chrome OS to run on Windows and macOS.


While there are ways to run Windows on Chromebooks, there are no official options for running Chrome OS on a Windows PC. However, is now changing that with the launch of its Chrome OS Flex service.

First announced in February and staying in preview since then, Chrome OS Flex is now generally available. It works across both Windows and to bring Google's Chrome OS to those platforms.

Google bases OS Flex on Newerware's CloudReady service, allowing it to be very similar to the full Chrome OS experience. It is free to download and provides a lightweight operating system that is based in the cloud.

One key difference between Chrome OS Flex and regular Chrome OS is that the new service does not support Android apps. Of course, does provide Android app support these days through the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA).


In a blog post, Google discusses the benefits of running the new Flex OS services:

  • “Proactive security: Flex provides much needed protection from growing threats, including ransomware, malware, and employee errors.
  • Fast deployment & easy management: ChromeOS Flex can be rapidly deployed via USB or through your company network. With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, you can manage apps and policies from anywhere, even the beach.
  • Fast, modern work experiences: Devices don't slow down over time. Background updates reduce device downtime and improve productivity, so you can spend extra time relaxing.
  • Sustainable for your business and planet: Breathe new life into existing hardware to reduce e-waste, energy consumption, and maintain clear blue skies.”

Tip of the day: The Windows Clipboard history feature provides the functionality across device, space, and time, letting you copy on one computer and paste the text days later on a different PC. All of it is possible via the clipboard manager, which lets you view, delete, pin, and clear clipboard history at will.

In our tutorial we show you how to enable the feature, clear clipboard history, and enable/disable clipboard sync to meet your preferences. You can also create a clear clipboard shortcut for quick removal of stored content.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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