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Microsoft Entra Permissions Management Becomes Generally Available

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management is based on Microsoft’s acquisition of CloudKnox and provides identity management to customers.


In July 2021,  acquired cloud security firm CloudKnox to bolster protection on the platform. then arrived in May as a bundle of security products from Azure Active Directory and CloudKnox. In the latest update, Microsoft is announcing the general availability of Microsoft Entra Permissions Management.

This is essentially a repackaged CloudKnox Permissions Management that will be a part of Microsoft Entra.

Launching today, Entra Permissions is a standalone product that costs $125 per resource, each year. Microsoft says the resources that support Permissions include databases, serverless functions, compute, and container clusters across Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Cloud.

At the core of the Microsoft Entra Permissions Management is the ability to customers to discover, monitor, and fix issues in permissions across all identity resources. The service constantly monitors permission usage for both humans and workloads.


Admins are able to enforce permissions principles around what privileges are given. Microsoft Entra taps into historical data across an organization to help improve security around identities. In a blog post, Microsoft points to the following functionalities within Entra Permissions Management:

  • “Discover: Get granular visibility into every action performed by every identity, on every resource, and assess your permission risk and monitoring permissions granted verses permissions used.
  • Remediate: Close the permission gap by enforcing the principle of least privileges based on actual usage, leveraging our permission on-demand workflow when additional permissions are needed.
  • Monitor: Continuously monitor all activity to detect anomalous permission usage and generate detailed forensic reports to support rapid investigation and remediation.”

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