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3 Graphic Design Brand Trends in 2022


This article was contributed by Roy Cohen who works as a digital marketing expert at Creating Relations.

Design is the body language of your branding and the 4ps of marketing mix. You slouch and all your efforts may go down the drain or not get maximum returns. You get it right and you may just surpass your expectations. Go online and you will find some amazing creative brand designs coming from different businesses.

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking of graphic design as just aesthetics. They are a lot more than that. Graphic design is a form of communication between your brand and your target audience. It is thinking made visual. Graphics and imagery are easily more absorbed than text and could be what you need to upsell new services to current customers or announce a new product.

Like many other things in life, graphic design is constantly evolving with new trends emerging. If you want to be on top of your graphic design game, you need to know what is in vogue. You must understand which trends are on the rise and that is what this article is about. Below are 3 graphic design brand trends in 2022.

1.   Eco and Nature

Did you know that designs influenced by natural colors, shapes, and patterns are well received by a wide range of audiences? The major reason for this is that these designs offer the opportunity to add some natural beauty and tranquility.

People usually associate natural imagery and by extension nature-influenced designs with clarity, innocence, and calm. And this allows your brand to create good impressions with the target audience. So, consider incorporating images of flowers, plants, wildlife, and landscapes as appropriate in your next design.

2.   Bold Fonts

While bold fonts fell out of favor some time ago, they are making a comeback in 2022. More and more brands will incorporate bold fonts, using their preferred style and technique, in their graphic designs.

Properly used designs featuring bold fonts are difficult to overlook. They establish priority, providing emphasis, and inject personality into the design. The design becomes a hybrid of negative space and letterform. Bold fonts are here to stay, and you should take complete advantage of them.

3.   Fun Data Visualization

The COVID-19 pandemic played a large part in the rise of data visualizations as the government and several organizations found ways to share data and statistics in a simple, succinct, and inspiring manner. Now, data visualization is a rising graphic design trend in 2022.

Executed successfully, data visualizations can make complex and significant data more user-friendly. Information that would have been boring or complicated to your audience can become more fun and inspiring with the right data visualization. So, consider jumping on the fun data visualization bandwagon.

Final Thoughts

Creative graphic design service continues to be more important to brand in engaging and attracting audiences. As a business owner, you must be ready and willing to change with the times and trends discussed here are what are on the rice currently in 2022. Should these trends fade away sometime in the future, you should be ready to respond considerably and quickly.

About the author

Roy Cohen is a digital marketing expert at Creating Relations with a love for graphic design, SEO, UX and everything in between.


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