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Report: Apple Watch Series 8 Will Measure Body Temperature

The Apple Watch Series 8 rugged edition will ship with a new body temperature tracking sensor to help detect fever.


For people not paying close attention, it is easy to lose track of which Watch version we are on. While a quick glance shows almost no design changes in recent years, the wearable has actually been getting bigger and has more screen space. Moreover, Apple keeps packing the watch with features.

With the Series 8 on the horizon, early reports of features are leaking out. One interesting new addition for the new generation will be the ability to read the body temperature of the wearer.

A pointless addition? Well, that depends. Like many wearable metric-reading features the quality will depend entirely on what the sensor can deliver. At best, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to tell you if you have a fever… not bad in these post-pandemic times.

At worst, the feature will be nothing more than a gimmick. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is currently testing the feature. If those tests are successful, body temperature reading will come to the Apple Watch Series 8.


I hope those tests are focusing on whether this is a useful tool or not. Gurman points out the feature could land in the Apple Watch rugged edition, a new version of the Apple Watch that will launch this year. It will also land on the regular Apple Watch, although it is unlikely to be part of the entry-level Apple Watch SE.

Instead of giving a completely accurate temperature reading, the feature will warn users with a notification if there is an abnormal temperature.

As for when we will see the Apple Watch Series 8, a fall launch is likely alongside a slew of other Apple products the company is planning.

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