Browsing the Microsoft 365 Roadmap often throws up plenty of interesting visions into Microsoft’s plans for Office apps in the coming months. In a recent update to the roadmap, Microsoft has confirmed it is releasing a special version of Outlook for Android. Known as Outlook Lite, the app will focus on functionality for low-end devices.

Android’s open nature and position as the most popular/used OS in the world means it has millions of users on budget devices. In fact, the majority of Android users are on low-end or low-specification smartphones.

While Outlook is not the most intensive application, it can take a load on those lower-end devices. With Outlook Lite, Microsoft will retain the core features of the email client but make the app smaller and focus on boosting performance.

Users who need a less demanding version of Outlook will be able to download the Lite versions on any network.

Microsoft does not say in the roadmap which features will come from the full Outlook and which will be missing. The stripped-down version will surely have the normal features like Calendar and Mail tools. After all, they are core to the whole Outlook experience.

The Lite Concept

Android users already have access to Skype Lite, so Microsoft seems to be realizing creating less demanding versions of its services could open up more customers in emerging markets. Other tech giants already offer lite versions, such as Spotify, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Firefox.

Microsoft’s roadmap shows Outlook Lite will make its debut around the world later this month. It will be available from the Google Play Store.

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