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The Best Blogging Software for Windows 10


This article was contributed by Logan Perry who works as a blog writer for Persona Store. 

Having a blog is a demanding job. You have to handle the content, style, and communications with the audience. It's a lot for just one person.

Actually, in most cases, this job is impossible without some help. For example, you can get quality posts for creating backlinks and your resource promotion and use special tools and programs to make the entire process easier.

In this article, we'll review the best free and paid blogging software for Windows facilitating different aspects of blogging and saving your time. We describe only desktop programs you can use with the Windows operating system.

If you prefer iOS, read about the respective software for outreach for bloggers. So, without further ado, let's dive into the question.

Desktop Version of WordPress App

It's an obvious choice if you use this platform for your blog. The functionality is almost the same as in the online version. You can write articles, edit them, add photos and publish the results. The scheduled posting is also available. It means that you can manage your resource right from the app.

You can find all the usual statistical data about your blog functioning in the corresponding section and make the necessary settings. In short, this app is an effective and convenient way to manage your project on WordPress.

Open Live Writer

It's an interesting solution for Windows devices. It provides a decent number of options regarding writing and editing. Moreover, the app works offline, so you can prepare the post even without an internet connection and publish it later.

The interface of this open-source software is completely intuitive. You'll easily manage it if you have used MS Word previously. The app works with many popular blogging platforms and doesn't require any special skills to use.


This app provides many useful functions for writing and editing. You can save posts and schedule the time for publication. The Unicode support allows writing in many languages unavailable in other apps, for example, Japanese or Korean.

Another interesting function is the possibility of posting an article on multiple platforms simultaneously. It's extremely helpful if you have more than one resource. It makes it the example of the top useful blog writing software for .


This is a portable solution working from your USB sticks. It's useful if you use different devices to edit your blog. It provides a built-in spell-checker and supports multiple popular blogging platforms. Another advantage of this app is its free distribution. 

The app allows integration with different online services; for example, you can add photos directly from popular stocks or add tags. You can also find emojis and interesting effects in the app's toolbar. These little things can make your articles more fun.

Windows Live Writer

This program is an analogue of Open Live Writer created by . It allows managing several blogs at a time and supports scheduled publications. You can create posts offline, save them as drafts and publish them later when you have access to an internet connection. 

The app provides an option for adding videos to your posts, but it works only via YouTube. The editor looks like the MS Word interface and has interesting opportunities to set such categories as author, theme, and section. If you prefer Windows devices, this app is definitely a must-have software for blogging. Consider downloading it to manage your resource; this app is free.


This is another free app facilitating the creation of your articles. It's especially useful if you prefer to prepare your posts offline. A built-in spell-checker will help find and correct mistakes and make a perfect post.

In online mode, you can create a draft while browsing the internet in a separate window. This option is needed if you have to check some information while writing.

The app allows managing multiple drafts and adding categories and tags. The preview function will show what the article looks like after publishing. This app has fewer functions than other programs, but it's definitely worth mentioning because of its great editing options.


Now you know about the best programs with useful automatic options for blogging with Windows in 2022. Of course, the professional blogger uses other types of software to analyze, optimize, and promote their resources.

Some useful tips on this matter you can find on cgmagonline.com. These programs are extremely valuable and can provide numerous useful functions in terms of editing and posting, keywords and link placement, optimization, and promotion. 

But the core of your resource is your readers. They need interesting or valuable information and want to enjoy your unique writing style. It means that software is just an assistant and can't replace your true passion and professional experience in your area. But these helpers save your time and allow you to spend more time creating fantastic articles.

About the author

Logan Perry is a blog writer for Persona Store. Experienced writer with a history of working in a variety of B2C and B2B industries. Has rich experience in email marketing, analytics, and management. Minnesota State University Moorhead alum with a dual degree in English and mass communications, a minor in advertising, and a certificate in publishing.

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