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How to Ensure Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection


Data losses and breaches are one of the main problems businesses face nowadays. Companies lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars due to data security breaches. The good news is that businesses may take several steps to strengthen Office 365 data protection. Read on to find out more.

Why It's Important To Secure Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 is not as secure from data breaches and hacking as necessary. Although the platform offers protection against cyber threats, its effectiveness depends on business owners and their security risk assessment.

Indeed, many of today's cloud services use the model of shared responsibility for the safety of data. In other words, while cloud services are believed to be responsible for data safety, their official policies suggest that their customers are also responsible for their data safety.

Microsoft Office 365 data security is not an exception. Its capabilities are insufficient to fill some important gaps. MO 365 must be secured for a number of reasons – data protection, prevention of information leaks, the necessity of data back-ups, and user error elimination.

About Native Security Features 

Office 365 data security service has a range of gaps. First, its ransomware protection is weak. Instead of preventing such threats, Microsoft 365 merely detects and notifies its users about a ransomware attack and does not stop the infection. Considering that ransomware is the most serious threat to databases, your data housed on the service is at risk. 

Second, there are no native back-ups in Microsoft Office protection platform. It means that a company's data is not properly copied to be stored outside the Microsoft cloud. Third, Microsoft 365 SaaS has poor data sharing visibility. Since it is easy to share files in Microsoft 365, security professionals and admins need to maintain visibility and control over the sharing process.

However, native features of the platform make the monitoring process tedious and complex, so the risk of data sharing to undesired recipients is high. In addition, among the security issues of Microsoft 365 one may mention its multiple dashboards and subscription levels that prevent coherence of the security tools.

The Most Common Ways Data Can Be Lost 

There are many ways the data can be lost by companies. First, even big businesses are not resistant to human errors. Indeed, this factor often becomes a reason for data leaks. Second, data is often attacked by ransomware. Although such malicious software commonly targets individual users, business data is also at risk.

Don't forget that there is also the problem of infrastructure failures. Data leakage, unauthorized access to information, and cybersecurity problems are also among the side effects of shadow IT., there are many ways a company can lose valuable data. Therefore, the issue of security should be prioritized. 

How To Ensure Microsoft 365 Data Security 

There are many ways in which businesses can improve their Microsoft 365 data security. First, they should consider their password policy. Indeed, carelessness in this issue leads to significant security problems. For example, employees tend to use one password for different accounts, and most of them are easily cracked by hackers. So, companies should educate employees about password security.

In addition to such lessons, employees should be trained in other security issues, such as sharing information and documents, sensitive information, clicking on dangerous links, etc. Second, companies need to use the latest versions of their software that is supported by security updates. Third, they should back up their data with relevant services to recover it if necessary.

One of the most essential security solutions is multi-factor authentication (MFA). It is nowadays a basic for companies who treat their data safety with responsibility. Finally, businesses need to limit external sharing of the information, especially sharing of sensitive information, which should be totally blocked. 

Why Use SpinOne As A Microsoft Office Protection Platform 

In addition to the ways to ensure Microsoft Office data protection, it can be helpful to consider a third-party solution. For example, you can use SpinOne which is an AI-powered SaaS data protection solution created to fill the gaps in Microsoft 365 security. It is an effective tool against ransomware, shadow IT, human errors, and other threats to data security. This service provides advanced protection to data.

Instead of merely notifying about a data breach, it offers an incident response plan, saves valuable time, and backups the company's data. In addition, it allows easy monitoring, management, and protection of data on a single platform. Many businesses already use SpinOne as a premium solution to protect their valuable data and avoid costly and harmful breaches and leaks. Join them if you want to keep your company's data safe and secure. 

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