A Beginner’s Guide to NFTS

This article was contributed by Alex Larsen who works as a content writer at ekaksha solutions.

The digital world always has something new around its corner. It used to be that way with cryptocurrencies and nowadays they’re becoming more common as more and more businesses accept them. The currencies revolutionized the world of finance.

The online world is currently being taken over by another trend. This is the trend of NFTs and to the newbies of this trend, they will look like a bunch of pictures. In a way, they are a bunch of pictures, but they’re far more than that as they come with a lot of potential.

If you’re a beginner in the world of NFTs, then you can stick around as we dive into the basics of these tokens.

What Are NFTs?

The term NFT stands for non-fungible token. This token can take various shapes as it’s part of the expanding world of digital art. So, a token can be an image, but it can also be a piece of music. You can create your own NFTs and have them in a portfolio as part of your art.

The world of NFTs is mostly made up of pictures. But they are called tokens, so you’ll find a lot of them if you decide to do some digging. The thing about NFTs is that each one of them is unique. This means that there’s no one copy of it and if you decide to trade an NFT with someone, then you’ll get a completely different one each time.

Since they are parts of digital art, or rather pieces, they are collected by collectors all over the world. They’re based on blockchain technology which makes them in a way related to crypto. This technology keeps track of who owns a token and who’s selling it.

Once you create a token of any kind you can expand your portfolio and create more. You can do so by buying other NFTs available on the market. Whenever you create one, you’ll be the owner of it. But what can you do with NFTs besides collecting them? What’s their purpose?

What to Do with NFTs?

Creating NFTs is something that people can do, but so is collecting them. And once you have your own collection, you can trade with other people. Since this is digital art, you can find many places and people to trade your art with. Some of them are trading platforms and you can buy NFTs UK creators have created or go international and see what creators from other countries have created. As mentioned before, you’ll be trading one unique token for another, and you might want to look at the price for it as it can help you out later.

The other thing you can do with NFTs is to sell them. There are plenty of online platforms for doing this and there are plenty of buyers as well. There have been lots of NFTs sold for good sums of money which shows you the potential of this market. So, if you’ve got what it takes you can be one of the lucky creators that earned millions for your NFTs, that is if you decide to sell them. But there are other things to consider about NFTs, such as their current state and why the trend is still in its infancy.

The Full NFT Picture

There are millions to be made by selling NFTs and many creators have tasted success after their tokens were sold. But there are other aspects of NFTs that you need to consider. The first one is ownership. Sure, if you had an NFT you’d be its registered owner, but there’s nothing stopping people from copying and downloading your piece of art.

More importantly, the NFT market has experienced a crash and there’s no telling if a boom is to follow or not. This still makes the NFT market an infant market. It’s a good idea, but can it be used for something else rather than art?

The answer is yes. The digital ownership aspect of these tokens is something that could improve the future of ownership in general. For example, digital ownership could be a new way for people to own cars, houses, and more. No one would be able to download your car though.

So, if you’re an artist you can contribute to the market and if you get a buyer then you will be paid for your art. Building an expansive collection of NFTs will get the attention of collectors and fellow artists and you can trade with them if you like. This will have you going after tokens whose value might rise and you can keep them indefinitely or sell them again.

Either way, as a beginner you’re bound to be familiar with what NFTs are and decide your opinion on them. You’ve got the full picture right in front of you and it’s your choice if you’re looking to help the market grow or not.

About the author

Alex Larsen is a senior content writer at ekaksha solutions. He is covering the finance industry and the Crypto/NFT sphere.