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Microsoft Viva Sales Launches as a CRM Connector

Microsoft Viva Sales is a new employee service that allows sales workers in the hybrid space to connect their CRMs and apps.


The product range is expanding today with the introduction of Viva Sales. According to Microsoft, this is a new experience for sellers that allows them to connect customer relationship management (CRM) solutions in a single place.

Microsoft Viva Sales will work in both and . The aim of the platform is to provide a more efficient selling experience by tapping into AI solutions. In a blog post, Microsoft explains how work habits changing in and following the pandemic means hybrid solutions are necessary:

“The past two years have changed the way we work. Employees are demanding more from their employers in today's hybrid world – from the tools they use to the hours and the places that they work. For sellers, the hybrid work environment means spending more time in video conferences, chats, email and documents to connect with customers and close deals.”

For sales teams in the hybrid space, having access to their chosen CRM is essential. However, many organizations use multiple CRMs, apps, and databases. Jumping between them multiple times per day in a remote setting is not ideal.

Viva Sales

Microsoft points out that moving between services causes numerous interruptions during the day. Microsoft Viva Sales will streamline productivity by placing CRMs, databases, and apps under one roof.

Viva Sales is a new modern way of selling. As a smart CRM companion, Viva Sales makes sellers' lives easier while enriching their CRM. Think about all the customer and deal insights that are already in Outlook, Teams and Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but never make it into the CRM system. These insights are hard to capture because the seller is tasked with entering data manually.”

“By enhancing the CRM system with customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and Teams along with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Viva Sales empowers sellers to be more connected with their customers, resulting in more personalized customer engagements and closed deals faster. This happens through a simple customer tagging feature, which automates the data capture, saves the seller time, and provides their organization with a more complete picture of deal and customer status. With AI embedded throughout, Viva Sales is like a sales coach to move deals along with recommendations and reminders. This intelligence layer provides sellers the information they need to help them be more productive.”

Microsoft Viva

If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Viva, it is a new employee experience platform comprised of several components. Microsoft 365 underpins the Viva experience, which aims to provide a suite of tools across learning, resources, insights, knowledge, and communications.

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