Windows-11-File-Explorer-Showing-Tabs-and-New Left-Navigation

Microsoft’s plan to bring tabs to the File Explorer on Windows 11 is getting closer to reality. Last week I reported on the feature landing on a preview build on the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program. It seems File Explorer tabs are moving fast through the preview chain and are now landing on Beta channel builds.

When a feature rolls to the Beta channel, it is usually just a couple of months from the full release. Maybe Microsoft is moving quickly to launch File Explorer tabs as part of the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 update.

Either way, it seems the feature is coming soon.

Tabs are a much-anticipated tool that Microsoft has been teasing for years. The company has been testing this feature since Windows 10. At first, the ability was known as Windows Sets and was much more ambitious than just the File Explorer. Sets was a tabbing system that would work across Windows 10. Essentially a universal tab ability for applications.

Tabbing System

Microsoft took Sets off development in 2019 but there was evidence in 2020 that it was back in development, at least in some capacity. While tabbing in File Explorer may not be Sets, it is very similar. While it will transform the way the File Explorer works, Microsoft is not overhauling the interface of the app.

Tabs in the File Explorer will work in a very similar way to tabs on a website browser. Windows 11 users will be able to open multiple file tabs at once and switch between folders and files more seamlessly without needing to close documents.

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