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GitHub Skills Launches as Interactive Courses Platform for Developers

GitHub Skills is a new integrated learning service for beginners and experts, replacing the current Learning Lab secondary platform.


-owned is a vast platform with nuances and plenty of factors to consider. For beginners, it can be daunting and even veteran users have things they need to learn. To help provide for beginners, intermediates, and experts alike, Microsoft is launching GitHub Skills.

GitHub Skills is the first built-in solution for helping users to learn how to properly use the platform. Sure, Learning Lab has been available for some time, but it was a secondary service to GitHub. As GitHub is an evolving platform, there is always new information to take in, making learning services a necessity.

With the launch of GitHub Skills, the platform now has a place where beginners and pros can build and grow their skillset. It is worth noting, with the launch of skills the Learning Lab will be taken down permanently on September 1.

Based on GitHub Actions, Skills will deliver a smooth, fast, and customizable learning experience. We're launching with courses for some of the most popular topics, from “Introduction to GitHub” to “Continuous integration.” You can also use our free, open source course template to build your own courses for your project, team, or company.”

Free Services

GitHub says Skills courses will be free in public repositories and on self-hosted pages. Although, the company also points out that courses on private repositories will only be free based on the amount of GitHub Actions minutes you get on your free monthly plan.

Sign up for GitHub Skills to learn more about the concept and sign-up for courses.

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