Microsoft says it is expanding its Windows Customer Connection Program (WCCP). Specifically, the company is adding IT pros to the platform.

According to the company, IT users can “access to exclusive virtual calls, focus groups, surveys, Teams discussions and private previews” regarding current Microsoft products and future services. Those participants will have a direct line to Windows engineers in Microsoft’s teams.

If you are unfamiliar with the Windows Customer Connection Program, it is a platform for connecting Microsoft’s Windows engineering team with IT pros. The goal is to promote collaboration in the pursuit of creating better solutions for customers.

Microsoft is clear that WCCP is not a marketing program, while it is also not for getting support. It is defined as an engineering program where teams can connect to understand customer usage, habits, issues, and recommendations for existing and upcoming software.

“The Windows Customer Connection Program is a mutually beneficial program. The more insight and actionable feedback you provide, the more we can improve your user experience, and the more engagement opportunities and information you will be able to access. Members that demonstrate deep commitment to the community will be invited to receive exclusive community influencer benefits and join high-touch engagements, where they will work closely with engineering teams.”

Getting Started

The company says IT pros should “contact your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) or primary Microsoft point of contact” to receive more information.

IT users can join the Windows Customer Connection Program by meeting the following criteria:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Commitment to use Microsoft Windows products
  • Provide workable feedback
  • Sign a nondisclosure (NDA) agreement with Microsoft

There is a form to apply to join the WCCP, that makes it clear participants “may not discuss or publicize details regarding any private preview with a third party, without written approval by Microsoft.”

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