Microsoft has sent feature assassins into Excel to take out features that users are no longer using. While we get accustomed to receiving new tools on the popular spreadsheet app, Microsoft does sometimes depreciate features. And this week the company says it will end support for three features from June 2023.

According to the company, all the three Microsoft Excel features are only available to Microsoft 365 customers. In other words, non-subscribers will see no difference. Microsoft says it is removing the features because not enough people are using them anymore.

That is probably true, but also bad news for any of the remaining customers who do use the features.

The first of those features is Money. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, it is a dynamic template that allows users to automatically connect their bank information directly to Microsoft Excel. According to the company, from June 30, 2023, the app will no longer connect financial account data, whether new or existing.

Partner Features

Although, users of the Money feature will still be able to keep current data and it will remain secure with Microsoft unable to see the data. The company points out there are alternative premium templates in Excel to replace Money.

Next is the Wolfram Data Types, which was born from a partnership between Microsoft and Wolfram several years ago. That partnership will not be renewed, so Microsoft is instead looking for its own similar solutions. All existing Data Types and new ones will stop working from June 11, 2023, although the existing data will not be removed.

Lastly, Microsoft is removing another partner feature but hasn’t gone into detail on the specifics. That feature will be removed on June 30, 2023.

Tip of the day: To prevent attackers from capturing your password, Secure Sign-in asks the user to perform a physical action that activates the sign-in screen. In some cases, this is a dedicated “Windows Security” button, but the most common case in Windows is the Ctrl+Alt Del hotkey. In our tutorial, we show you how to activate this feature.