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See Samsung Electronics Giant Poster Taken with 200MP ISOCELL Smartphone Camera

Samsung Electronics has used its in-development 200MP ISOCELL image sensor to print a huge poster photo of a cat.


Electronics has taken a photo and printed it to highlight the quality of the technology in use. Specifically, the experimental 200MP ISOCELL image sensor. This is an in-development camera model that is being built for potential use in future smartphones.

To showcase the technology, Samsung has published the photo as a giant print poster. While the company does not discuss it, I presume no compression has been used and this is the image as it was taken.

The final printout spans 28 meters (92 feet) wide and stands 22 meters (72 feet) tall. So, this is a massive photo using the new Samsung 200-megapixel module. The quality of the image is undeniable with crisp definition and excellent color accuracy.

“Our desire to truly test the limits of the high-performance 200MP image sensor and its image quality is what brought this challenge about,” said Changwan Kim, project manager from the Global Marcom Team of Device Solutions Division at Samsung Electronics.


To achieve the image – which was no easy task with an experimental lens – , several variables were considered. For example, the team developed a new custom adaptor that allows numerous DSLR lenses to fit onto a test board.

“In the end, we thought it was most important to capture the scene in the same conditions that smartphone users would be in,” said Kaeul Lee of the Sensor Solutions Team. “Because of this, we went with a smartphone camera module with no other aids. The results were very satisfying.”

The result is a massive poster of a cat that is printed across twelve 2.3-meter panels of fabric that are connected together.

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