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Microsoft: Windows 11 Now Available to Everyone

Windows 11 is now fully available to any user with a compatible machine, although the upgrade remains optional.


It is a milestone day for as says the operating system is ready for broad deployment. That may be a confusing term considering the OS has been rolling out to millions of devices for months. What it essentially means is Microsoft is no longer staggering the release and all users can now access Windows 11.

Since the launch of the platform last November, Microsoft has been staging the rollout of Windows 11. Essentially, some users get the upgrade from before others. With its graduation to broad deployment, the platform is now available via Windows Update for anyone who wants it.

Of course, compatibility requirements are still in place. So, if your PC was not compatible with Windows 11 before, it still won't be.

Also, in broad deployment, the upgrade to Windows 11 remains optional. So, if you want to remain on Windows 10 you can. This is a different deployment strategy from the Windows 10 upgrade in 2015. At that time, Microsoft forced compatible devices to upgrade from Windows 8.

Moving Forward

Of course, the company was running as fast as it could after the failure of Windows 8. Microsoft does not have such problems with Windows 10, while the older platform will continue under support until 2025.

It is worth noting you may still find you cannot update even if your device is compatible. If this happens, it means there is a known issue with Windows 11 on your PC model and Microsoft is holding off on the upgrade (an Upgrade Block) until there is a fix.

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