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Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Reaches General Availability

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability will become generally available on June 1, helping organizations reach their carbon goals.


wants to help its customers reach similar carbon-negative commitments as it has in place. To help drive that goal, the company's for product is now reaching general availability.

As for Microsoft's own carbon commitments, the company is working on being carbon negative by 2030. Even more a lofty goal is coming twenty years later when by 2050, Redmond wants to offset all the carbon it has ever used since being founded in 1975.

While not all organizations have the resources to match Microsoft's plans, the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability platform can help. It is one of the company's growing number of vertical cloud solutions that helps users report, track, and reduce their emissions.

Microsoft says on June 1, the product will become available to all:

“Organizations need more accessible, centralized data intelligence to make the high-stakes decisions that are required right now to address complex issues, weighing both business and ESG [environmental, social, and social governance] criteria to direct capital toward investment opportunities that balance growth and impact,” Microsoft says in a blog post.

Cloud for Sustainability

First announced at Inspire 2021, a public preview landed last October. Now it is time for Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to graduate to full release.

The platform joins the growing “Microsoft Cloud for” range of vertical cloud services. It started with the launch of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and in January 2021 Microsoft Cloud for Retail was announced. In February the same year, Microsoft revealed three more solutions,  Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

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