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Top 5 Streaming Apps for PC You Should Know


This article was contributed by HitPaw.

With the increasingly number of people working from home, the trend of live video streaming has gained unprecedented popularity. You need a reliable streaming app for PC to live stream your event, hold an interactive video session, or engage with your fans or audience. 

But finding the perfect streaming program is not-so straightforward task, given the world is awash with such tools. To save your time and effort, we have shortlisted the 5 most sought-after and user-trusted apps that anyone can use with ease. Let's find out!

1. HitPaw Screen Recorder

Developed by the tech giant, HitPaw, it is a one-stop live streaming software for PC with no limitations. The program offers a plethora of basic-and advanced streaming features to engage your audience like never before.        

Want to reach a wider and more diverse audience, worry not and got live stream with multi-streaming to YouTube, , Twitch, and more. On top of that, you get tons of templates, stickers, virtual backgrounds, and texts of any sort to add to your streaming.    

Compared to its competitors, Hitpaw Screen Recorder has a friendly and modern interface. Even first-time users won't face any trouble while navigating its features and functions.

HitPaw Screen RecorderPros 

  • A top-ranked live streaming and video recording program
  • Allows you to create professional-grade scenes
  • Supports a staggering 300+ streaming platforms
  • Add aesthetic stickers and well-designed templates
  • A comprehensive screen recorder


  • The free version offers limited features.

2. OBS

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a popular live stream app for PC.  Available for free, OBS comes with tons of classic features to make live streaming a fun experience. You get plenty of filters and editing tools to personalize the live streaming.

But being open-source, it lacks some advanced functionalities that you would expect from a premium program. Plus, be ready to spend quite some time setting it up and learning its functionalities. 

One advantage that OBS gives over other programs is its compatibility with all platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.


  • Offers an intuitive way to live stream your event
  • Equipped with many filters and effects
  • Allows you to add multiple sources simultaneously
  • 100% free to use


  • Lacks advanced features
  • Steep learning curve

3. XSplit

Developed specifically for Windows users, XSplit makes it extremely easy to livestream as well as record videos. You can use XSplit on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

What sets it apart from other players is its ability to live stream in 4K/60 FPS. Not to mention, it can broadcast to multiple streaming services at the same time. All these impeccable features coupled with a sleek interface make it one of the best live streaming apps for PC.



  • A powerful live streaming program that comes loaded with plenty of stream management features.
  • Allows users to add custom stinger transitions and many different transition styles
  • It gives you freedom to edit the scenes before live streaming it
  • Easy to customize your streaming or recording


  • A little expensive than its competitors
  • Often shows lag while capturing graphic-demanding games

4. SplitCam

Another efficient program to live stream PC to multiple video services or IMs at once. Its split feature allows you to run many applications of webcam without showing a busy error message. Plus, you have freedom to flip the videos vertically or horizontally as needed.    

The program offers many customizable options including black and white features to captivate your audience. But the best about SplitCam is you can add logos as well as perform edit during the streaming.


  • Many resolutions support including 1920 x 1080 and 2048 x 1526.
  • Compatibility with many video stream sources
  • Offers super-fun effects and filters


  • The software often becomes too slow, almost gets stuck.
  • Not so good for streaming games 

5. Wirecast

Having an official tagline, “Stream   like a Pro”, Wirecast targets more like professional streamers who love to engage their audience throughout the stream. Aside from your PC, you can stream from almost anything including cameras, webcams, IP cams, microphones, and more.

It gives you an option to add advanced audio sources, mix up multiple audio tracks, and add FX to make your live stream appear professional. This stream software for PC comes in two paid versions, Wirecast Studio an Wirecast Pro. Choose the package that meets your requirements.    



  • Thanks to its built-in web browser, users can display live web pages
  • Supports all popular streaming platforms as well as professional audio sources
  • Gives you access to a huge library of built-in graphics and titles


  • Often the program freezes and you need to restart the session to continue
  • Its price is not friendly with occasional users
  • The built-in video encoders are quite complicated particularly for non-technical users.

Comparing the 5 Apps

Now that you know the pros and cons of the top five streaming apps, the million-dollar question is: which is the best streaming app for PC of 2022. Based on user feedback and our own research, HitPaw Screen Recorder stands out as the perfect streaming program for both for both professionals and beginners alike.  

Its features like multi-streaming, compatibility with 300+ live streaming platforms and apps, built-in stickers, templates, and backgrounds, make it a go-to choice for millions of users.    

Not only does it offer more features than other players in the list, but also comes at a user-friendly price.

HitPaw Screen Recorder 2


That's all folks. Now, you have plenty of options to choose a competent streaming app for PC to engage with your peers, friends, or audience.

Get the premium version of HitPaw Screen Recorder to get the all-in-one streaming and video recording software. With this tool, anyone can go live and entertain the audience with just a few clicks.

Last Updated on May 22, 2022 2:34 pm CEST

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