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Microsoft Debuts GitHub Desktop 3.0

Microsoft is rolling out GitHub Desktop 3.0, bringing changes to notifications, pull request status reviews, and failed pull requests.


says Desktop 3.0 is now available. With this release, the open-source repository is adding a bunch of new features. As the version number suggests, this is the follow up to GitHub Desktop 2.0, which was launched back in 2019.

If you are unfamiliar with GitHub Desktop, it is a version of the platform that works on PCs that are offline.

Leading the new feature on GitHub Desktop 3.0 is an ability that allows users to review the status of their pull requests. Developers can use this tool to decide which code is production-ready. In a blog post to introduce the new platform version, GitHub describes the feature in the following way:

“Just click on the badge with the pull request number, and start diving into the checks, jobs, and steps to better understand and fix whatever problem you might run into. You still can't find out why your checks failed? Don't worry! You can just re-run your checks to give them another chance to succeed. Users also now have the ability to re-run failed or individual GitHub Action checks.”

Other Features

Elsewhere in the new GitHub Desktop version, there is now support for high-signal notifications. With this support, the platform gives users the ability to sort through notifications that persistently return. That means users will only see important notifications for the repository they are on.

Failed pull requests are a frustrating fact of the GitHub experience, but Desktop 3.0 will notify users when they fail to file a commit. The platform sends users to a description of the failure and why it happened. This will make it easier to solve issues.

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