Featured - How to Stop Spotify’s Automatic Startup on Windows 11

If you recently installed Spotify, you’ll notice that it starts whenever you boot up your PC. This can be useful if you use it often, but if you don’t it’s just another annoyance. We’re going to show you how to stop Spotify from opening on startup to remedy this.

Why does Spotify open when I turn on my computer?

When you install Spotify, it automatically adds itself to the startup list on your computer. The reason is likely twofold: to make it more convenient for regular users, and to encourage non-regular users to use the app more.

The main problem is that as well as being annoying, unwanted startup programs can slow down your PC. Too many high-impact startup applications will cause your PC to be sluggish after you log in.

Not to worry, though. We’ll show you how to make Spotify not open on startup below:

How to Stop Spotify from Automatically Opening via its App

As you likely have Spotify open already, disabling its startup process may be easiest directly from the app. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Press the three dots in the top-left, then click Edit > Preferences…”

    Windows 11 - Spotify - 3 Dots - Edit - Preferences

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the preferences window and click “Show advanced settings”

    Windows 11 - Spotify - 3 Dots - Edit - Preferences - Show Advanced Settings

  3. Under the “Startup and window behaviour” heading change “Minimized” or “Yes” dropdown to “No”

    Windows 11 - Spotify - 3 Dots - Edit - Preferences - Show Advanced Settings - Open Automatically - No

How to Make Spotify Not Start on Startup via Task Manager

If you’d rather stay away from the app, Task Manager is a good alternative. It lets you quickly remove Spotify from the startup list and easily see what other apps are set to launch.

  1. Press Start and type “Task Manager”, then click the top result

    Windows 11 - Open Task Manager

  2. Open the Startup tab, right-click “Spotify” in the list, and press “Disable”

    If you’re struggling to find Spotify, you can do two things: press the “Status” column to sort by enabled apps, and click on any item and press “S” on your keyboard until Spotify turns up.

    Windows 11 - Task Manager - Startup - Spotify - Disable

Extra: How to Start Spotify with a Keyboard Shortcut Instead

Now that you’ve stopped Spotify from opening automatically, you may be looking for a faster way to launch it. You can follow our guide on how to start programs with a keyboard shortcut to open it in a few seconds at any time.

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If you have some programs that you do use at startup, our startup delay guide may be of use to you. It’ll remove the five-second wait after your PC boots so you can get straight into the action.